Singapore, Singaporean, my home, my country.

Have you ever wondered what does it mean to you to be a Singaporean? What does it mean to call this place your home?

Many of us belonged to the new generations and we are all born into Singapore, during a time where it has already stabilised. There are no strikes or racial riots, there are no housing issues and there is always water to drink. Economy is generally good and it is safe to walk in the streets late in the night. Things are relatively peaceful and wonderful. So in such times, what is Singapore to us? Is it our home, or just a piece of land?

I have often think about this and cheesy as it may sounds, Singapore is my home. I had the chance to stay in Germany during my work and it was a wonderful stay. Life was so much less hectic there, work is a 4.5 day week, weather is fantastic, and enjoying a coffee in the sun does  not even let you perspire and driving on the Autobahn is fantastic. I have been asked whether I would considered staying there for good. But my reply was no.

Not that I did not think of it, but I did. Yet after serious considerations, Singapore was still the choice for me. It is not just a place that I was born in, it is a place where my memories are formed, the place where my family have theirs. This is a place that I find pride in although it is a super hectic pace and they are always complaints that the Government controls too much. Yet taking a back seat, one would realise that if things had not been this way, we would continue to experience things that we do not want. Singapore is a home to me, cause this is the place where my familiy and myself grew up in. I feel proud of it, and if ever there is a need, I would stand to protect it to ensure it would survive for a simple reason.

This is my home.