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In the perpetual summerland that is Singapore, the pressure to attain the “perfect” beach bod isn’t one that is seasonal. The struggle is year-long and it is real. Unless you’re a crossfit buff or a yoga guru who’s mastered the art of sustaining on tuna, it’s hard to achieve a toned body in a short period of time.

Don’t sweat it, though. We’ve got you covered with these 5 sure-fire ways to get that elusive beach bod in less than 5 minutes.


1. Beauty-guru beach bod: Define your non-muscle


Channel your inner Jeffree Star by contouring your tummy with make-up. Like a pro make-up artist, you’ll have to choose the right contour palette that’ll work believably on your skin tone.

Baywatch Beach Body Bod Hacks Abs Muscles Countour Make-Up

Outline any visible ab and oblique lines on your body with contour sticks and blend, blend, blend. You’ll get defined abs in no time. We recommend applying some setting spray to make sure your illustrated abs last through the day.

Legit tip: To make “abs” look flawless on your photoshoot close-up, you’ll need a whole arsenal of products – different shades of contour sticks, brushes, highlighter and bronzing powder.


2. Prima Deli beach bod: You got buns, hun


Reality check: Eating bread won’t make you fat. When you’re on a budget, it does the opposite. Buy buns from your neighbourhood bakery and use body tape to stick them to your tummy.

This old school pastry will instantly turn into a believable six-pack, one that doubles up as a tasty breakfast treat. And if you want to fully commit, use weeks-old buns to get the stale texture that’s almost akin to rock-hard abs.

Legit tip: You don’t have to go cold turkey and starve on bread for a healthy diet. Just mix up your daily meals with ab-friendly foods like quinoa, salmon, berries, broccoli and actual Greek yoghurt – not the kind that’s labelled “Greek-style”.


3. Fashionable beach bod: Fabricate your body


We’re not talking about muscle tanks and crop tops here – we’re talking oversized t-shirts with deceiving hot bod prints. 

Get them from any novelty store or pasar malam, but if you’re feeling creative, print your own. Digitally appropriate Chris Pratt’s abs or Beyoncé’s bootylicious form onto an old t-shirt – if you think you’re worthy.

Or, be shamelessly extra with a muscle suit beneath an oversized tee. You don’t have to flaunt your body – just stay far, far away from other beach-goers to maintain this sartorial illusion.

Legit tip: Functional clothing like compression shirts can give your body an instantly leaner physique. Beyond that, it’ll also improve your posture and tone up those love handles.


4. BBQ beach bod: Serve up some flame-grilled ab realness


Move aside washboard abs and say hello to home grill abs. All you gotta do is turn a spare grill into a makeshift ab-shaper. It’s as easy as strapping it to your tummy and going about your daily routine. Leave it on long enough for the flab-to-ab magic to work – via imprint.

For a long-lasting effect, keep it on the entire day and treat it as a kind of championship title belt – awarded for expecting the greatest result by putting in the least amount of effort.

Legit tip: You don’t need a gym membership to work your abs – just do simple ab-targeted exercises. Spruce up your workout routine by mixing sit-ups with oblique and bicycle crunches.


5. Literal beach bod: Sculpt the body you desire


Dedicate yourself fully to the art of the beach bod scam by sculpting the form that you desire – with sand! This is a two-man con so get your most trusted friend to shape the perfect body when you’re buried under sand.

This method gives you an actual layer of mystery and beach-goers will wonder what’s underneath the sand. Is it a hot body or a severed talking head that washed up ashore?

Legit tip: Running by the beach is standard fare, so try other beach workouts – like stand-up paddleboarding to improve balance and core strength. Take it up a notch with yoga poses.


Ab-Tastic in no time


Let’s be real, unless you’re blessed with superhuman metabolism, there’s no way you can achieve a beach bod in mere minutes. Granted, these hacks won’t get you actual muscles, but they’ll at least guarantee some laughs. And a good sense of humour is always attractive, more so than any thirst-trap IG post.

You never know, an ab or two might just appear from all the LOL-ing that you do.


Catch the latest Baywatch movie in cinemas


If this generous display of hot bods isn’t enough, the latest Baywatch movie will bless you with more, and plenty of action and humour to boot. Not to mention various slow-mo, sexily-emerging-from-the-water sequences that even the most innocent prude will find hard to resist.

Baywatch Beach Body Bod Hacks Abs Muscles Priyanka Chopra

Source: United International Pictures

As for the cast, former Miss World and “Quantico” star Priyanka Chopra makes being the resident villain look impossibly alluring. And let’s not forget the double trouble combo that is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Zac Efron.

Baywatch Beach Body Bod Hacks Abs Muscles Dwayne Johnson The Rock Zac Efron

Source: United International Pictures

The Greek-god-worthy muscles are a given, but the bromance that brews between these two is more than enough for you to to catch this summer flick pronto.

And if that still doesn’t get you revved up for summer, this will. We’re giving away 5 sets of Baywatch premiums which includes a beach bag and inflatable beach ball. All you have to do is like and share this post on Facebook and tell us why you’d like to win. 

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