Bare Your Sole 2015


Singapore’s first of its kind barefoot walkathon, Bare Your Sole, returns for its 7th year on 30 May 2015. The event aims to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity Singapore for their community outreach programme, Project HomeWorks.

Project HomeWorks provides helping hands to the disabled and the elderly living alone who are unable to handle daily tasks like cleaning or keeping up with their medical appointments. Volunteer numbers have grown to almost 2000 since the project began, and now you can help out too by joining Bare Your Sole 2015!

Besides being a great bonding activity for families, participants can also take part in a bevy of fun-filled activities like carnival games, musical performances and even zip down a flying fox!

Here are 10 other reasons why you should take your shoes off and join in the fun:


1. Bond with your buddies


b2ap3_thumbnail_friends.jpgIf the question “eh next weekend how ah?” has ever popped into your head or out of your mouth , then boy do I have an answer for you. A barefoot walkathon is the perfect way to spend a Saturday with a group of friends or family. Inculcate in your children the values of empathy and charity by walking the talk. By participating in something fun, you’ll make their learning experience memorable.

For the guys, it’s also a good excuse to ask that cutie from Marketing out while showing your compassionate side. Note: that should really be the secondary reason why you’re going for the walk.


2. Become one with nature


Get in touch with Mother Nature once again, feel the sea breeze in your hair and grains of sand between your toes. It’s easy to forget the wonders of nature after being stuck in the office or school five days a week, so set yourself free and answer the call of the beautiful wild. 


3. It’s for a great cause



The event is organised by Habitat For Humanity Singapore, a charity organization that serves low-income and disaster-stricken communities all around the region. Going barefoot puts you in the “shoes” of the less fortunate and lets you have a tangible taste of what they may go through everyday. You may still be donating the same amount of money, but it’s going to mean so much more to you.


4. Be part of a growing movement


b2ap3_thumbnail_BYS1.jpgSince its humble beginnings in 2009, the event has grown from a mere 700 to more than 5000 participants last year! Who knows, the event might even inspire you to join their regular volunteer groups for Project HomeWorks. So put your foot forward with us and march on to spread the word.


5. It’s good for your health 


b2ap3_thumbnail_10535703_10152231920767338_7248981389517426460_o.jpgDid you know that walking or running barefoot is actually great for your health? You’re more grounded to the earth barefoot so your body is able to absorb electrons from the ground that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects on your body. 


6. Be part of making history


b2ap3_thumbnail_10329841_10152231921877338_4578608807085854129_o.jpgBe a part of history as we embark on a first-of-its-kind mass barefoot beach walk in Singapore. Previous events have been hosted in iconic locales like Gardens by the Bay, but it’ll be the first time Bare Your Sole is hosted on a beach so bring along an ice cold Milo Dinosaur!


7. Rub shoulders with your favourite personalities 


b2ap3_thumbnail_DSCF7487.jpgBare Your Sole has also been popular with local media personalities and past events have been graced by Anita Kapoor, Eunice Olsen and Paul Foster. Swing by and if you’re lucky, you might even be able to get a good picture with them!


8. It’s for everyone


b2ap3_thumbnail_unnamed.jpgYou don’t need months of training to participate or even be in any shape to run! It’s a walkathon and you’re free to keep your own pace. If 4km sounds like you’re over committing, opt for 2km instead. It’s an event anyone can join, from your grandparents to your grandchildren. 


9. Carnival games and adventure


b2ap3_thumbnail_10153090_10152092854012338_4377058553041973222_n.jpgSo you’ve crossed the finish line and you’ve done your part. Well, the fun ain’t over yet. Let the kids go wild at the carnival games, and for the adventurous, take flight with the flying fox or scale the rock wall. 


10. Musical & martial arts performances


b2ap3_thumbnail_10454250_10152231922297338_1062338372572092306_o.jpgIf that’s not enough, there will be musical performances by the Baracuda Batucada  percussion group at the finish line so you can celebrate the dancing to some awesome tunes. Go on, you deserve it. There will also be martial arts performances by the Aikido Shinju-kai to round off an action-packed day.


Small steps for you, one giant leap for the needy


Oh, here’s a video we filmed to help raise awareness for the walk!

So if you’re ready to make a difference and have some fun, sign up for the event at their official website here. You’ll get a complimentary event pack too with lots of  goodies and free entry to Sentosa for the day.

When: 30th May 2015, 8am-12pm
Where: Palawan Beach, Sentosa


Normal Registration (till 23rd May)

Adult – S$40
NSF (ages 17-24) / Student (ages 7-21) – S$30
Senior citizen (65 and above) – S$30
Family of four – S$120


This post is brought to you by Habitat for Humanity.

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