So Strange But True


Just because it’s unconventional doesn’t mean it’s bad! That goes especially for this list of 10 strange Australian food pairings that sound odd but taste oh so good! We’re not kidding; give these ten treats a try and who knows? You might even find the ultimate snack to cure all of your midnight cravings and snacking needs!


1. Butter Toast + Sprinkles



You may be a little too old to believe in fairies but you aren’t too old to enjoy them. What do I mean? I’m talking about the Fairy Bread! Just get a piece of white toast, spread some butter, and shower it with sprinkles. It’s a unique combination but the great part about this is that nobody is going to give you a confused look because it’s a good old Aussie favourite.

In fact, they might give you a nod of approval for knowing your snacks and holding onto a piece of your childhood with a piece of toast. If you’ve never tried Fairy Bread, why not give it a try? If it looks cute, it sounds cute and it’s covered in edible glitter, you’ve got nothing to lose.


2. Sausage + Slice of bread



Bread and sausage is not a strange blend, it’s a match made in heaven! So why’s it on this list? That’s because it’s an odd combination that sounds sane in theory but odd in practice. Why use a slice of bread when there are hot dog buns specifically made for your sausage sizzle to snuggle into? It’s called a snag and once you try it, it’ll all makes sense. You might even prefer the soft, thin slices to the firm, thick buns.

The slice of bread adds a little cushion to your bite, and as your teeth sink into the juicy meat and crunchy onion dribbled with tomato sauce, you’ll experience a symphony of rich flavours and lush textures.

When it comes to the grill, the barbie, the outdoor cookout, Australia knows best so trust their tradition: get the grill going and snag a snag!


3. Burger + Pineapple & Beets



Standing in all its meaty glory and proud craftsmanship is the all mighty Aussie Burger. What makes it so great? It’s got beets and pineapples in it. That’s right, it sounds odd but that’s what makes it a classic.

The pineapples and beets add that sweet kick to your soft bread, juicy meat and crunchy lettuce. Throw in a sunny side egg and you’ve also got that creamy texture all coming together in one melting mouthful. After one bite of this Australian classic all the burgers you’ve eaten in the past that were missing the red and yellow layers of goodness will seem like a mere sandwich to you.

You may have been missing out all this time but fear not, you’ve got a lifetime ahead of Aussie burgers waiting!


4. Mashed Pea + Mashed Potato + Meat Pie



This is one of those ideas that never crossed your mind until the moment you try it out and then you question why you never thought of it before. That’s because this combination doesn’t sound as odd as the others yet it’s also not considered normal or common as it is in Australia. You have to give it to our True Blue nation for coming up with some of the most creative and delicious food.

This classic Aussie combo is actually called the Tiger Pie and is sold at Harry’s Café de Wheels, a well known pie shop in Sydney. With the mashed goods sitting comfortably on top of the national treasure that is Australia’s meat pie and the whole treat drizzled with gravy, you just know you have to try this deliciously peculiar snack.


5. Meat Pie + Pea Soup + Tomato Sauce



If the peas aren’t mashed and put on top, then the peas are liquid and at the bottom. What is it?

It’s the pie floater. It’s made with an almost unfathomable combination of pea soup and meat pie either sitting on top of or sunk into the soup, and tomato sauce to top it all of (because you can’t have meat pie without tomato sauce, regardless of whether it’s in pea soup or not).

This dish is very typical to Adelaide but can also be found in Sydney. The pie floater is often sold in pie-carts and is eaten for dinner or late meals. From it’s visual presentation to just the sound of it, this Australian combination sounds too peculiar to be true but don’t judge unless you’ve tried it! Who knows? Maybe the pie floater will in fact float your boat!


6. Vegemite + Butter



It would make sense to want to try vegemite with something that tastes or smells really strong to cover the foul smelling spread but nope, that’s not how the Australians do it. Just a simple combination of vegemite and butter does the trick.

How can a plain smelling, tasting and looking spread like butter tame the inexplicably vivid smell and taste of vegemite? I’m not too sure but just look at it like a classic love story of a good girl (butter) turning a bad boy (vegemite) into something more and everyone realises they’re better off together than apart. I may be reading too much into this but you can be the judge of that. Go on, give it a go – spread the butter, spread the vegemite, spread the love!


7. Vegemite + Avocado



Another strange way people enjoy vegemite is with avocados on their toast. The brown yeasty complexion of the national spread and the bright green flush of the fleshy fruit might sound, look, and smell way too weird for you but give it a taste. It makes for a quick, easy, and healthy breakfast to get you through the day. You can even have it as a conveniently packed snack for between meals!

One bite in and at first you’ll be confused: why am I eating this and why don’t I hate it as much? Don’t worry; just take in the texture, the flavour. Second bite in and you’ll start nodding in agreement. Third, fourth, fifth bite in and you’re rhythmically chewing away to your newfound favourite spread and fruit combo. Peanut butter and banana? Please! It’s all about vegemite and avocado now!


8. Vegemite + Chocolate



This little pairing proves just how true the saying “chocolate makes everything better” is. There really isn’t anything chocolate can’t fix – even if that anything is the bitter taste of the Australian spread, or the nose piercing smell of the brown concoction.

The sweet chocolate goodness that we all know and love hugs the bitterness and smell of vegemite into tiny edible squares so that the bread spread oozes out only when you bite into it. With every bite the chocolate and vegemite swirls into a flavoursome mix. Some say you won’t even taste the vegemite as it’s also mixed with a bit of caramel. When it comes to chocolate confectionery, Cadbury has got it down pat!


9. Vegemite + Cheese



If you didn’t know these had vegemite in them, you know you’d be first to take a bite without a second thought. Don’t let the vegemite scare you away, just look at how good these vegemite and cheese scrolls look! You can almost hear the crunch as you bite into it but also feel the soft texture inside. How can something be crunchy and soft at the same time? I don’t know but that’s the magic of this Australian sweet!

These puff pastries can be made at home for some delicious treats during tea or just impress your culinary skills to your friends. Trust the combination and trust the magic, let the cheese and vegemite scrolls!


10. Cabbage + Barley



Called the Chiko roll, this Australian snack based on Chinese spring rolls is another must-try strange combo. It’s not as popular as it used to be in the 70’s but it still is a culinary icon in Australia. So, if you’re new to Australia, you’ll definitely want to give this tube-shaped deliciousness a try to see just what the hype was about. And even if you aren’t new to Australia, grab a Chiko Roll for old time’s sake, you know it’s been way too long since your last one!

The main fillings are cabbage and barley wrapped up in egg and flour dough. Then deep-fry the cylindrical concoction and you’ve got yourself a Chiko Roll! In addition to the bizarre pairing of barley and cabbage, buffer fillings like carrots, beef, celery, and onion are often added to add colour and flavour to your deep-fried burrito snack.


Australia’s Most Bizarre Food Pairings


It’s a bizarre list but one well worth a try! What are some of your favourite strange combinations? Share it with us in the comments below! Happy (and strange) eating!