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Think ArtScience Museum, and the first thing that pops into your head might be next-level exhibits combining art, tech, and even – as the name suggests – science. Not wrong, and that’s why the attraction remains a must-visit for tourists and locals alike, who are looking to soak up some major aesthetics while learning about art. 

If you think you’ve seen it all from past visits, think again. Here are 6 new programmes at ArtScience Museum in 2023 that you can look forward to in the coming months, including kid-friendly activities you can start bookmarking for the September hols. Never too early to start planning, right?  

1. Learn about sneaker culture at Sole Seekers

sole seekers aeropalmics josiah chua tobyato
Aeropalmics, Josiah Chua, Tobyato.
Image credit: ArtScience Museum

If you haven’t visited ArtScience Museum’s Sneakertopia: Step Into Street Culture exhibition, you still have till the end of the month to check it out. And if you happen to swing by between 25th-30th July 2023, you’ll also get to enjoy their closing programme, Sole Seekers

artscience museum programmes sole seekers syndicate josiah chua
Image adapted from: Syndicate, @josiahchua via Instagram 

Learn more about Singapore’s urban arts and creative scene through in-gallery talks by designer Josiah Chua, artist Aeropalmics, founder of Limited Edt – Mandeep Chopra, and art and design collective – PHUNK, among others. Immerse yourself in electronic beats and soak up some good vibes in the closing party, with DJ sets curated by powerhouse, Syndicate.

2. Attend sustainability workshops & talks by experts in the biz

Come August and September 2023, there’ll be a 2-month programme consisting of talks, showcases, performances, plus interactive tours and experiences. Titled Sustainable Futures, the series of programmes was born from the concern that our natural world is declining at an alarming rate, and how the effects are getting impossible to ignore. It begs the question: how can we, as individuals, make a difference in caring for our planet and the environment we’re in?

girl at sensory odyssey

Don’t worry if you have zero clue about these cheem and science-y topics. As an “umbrella programme” of sorts for the other new things to check out at ArtScience Museum in the following points, Sustainable Futures will equip the everyday visitor with the facts and thought-starters to aid in tackling and reducing the damage done to Mother Earth.

You’ll get to delve headfirst into topics such as biodiversity, conservation, and environmentalism- in short, matters that are crucial to the world we inhabit.

artscience museum programmes girl looking at display gallery

Between September and October, you’ll be able to check out Exploring Nature’s Tapestry, a series of in-person programmes accompanying the popular Sensory Odyssey: Into the Heart of Our Living World exhibition. Come meet the passionate biodiversity experts featured in the exhibition.

From guided nature walks to engaging talks, the programmes aim to help you reconnect deeply with nature and explore ways to conserve biodiversity – at the end of the day, safeguarding the future of our ecosystems and humanity as a whole.

artscience museum programmes MBS drop in session
Image credit: Marina Bay Sands

If you’re the more hands-on type, make sure you attend the drop-in session called Super Senses of the Wild which takes place throughout August. For this month, you’ll get to craft your very own big bat’s ears, and see how having bigger ears – like those of bats – could help amplify your hearing.

3. Take in the beauty of ocean-themed films, art & talks

Calling all ocean lovers: the Waves of Change Festival 2023 is an annual celebration of the big blue – taking place this year from 5th-27th August. This year’s edition features 11 artists, 9 feature films, 8 short films, and 15 talks by Singapore-based marine conservationists.

Whether you’re an art gallery enthusiast, film buff, or are curious to learn more about marine life and the environment, there’ll be something for the whole family to enjoy.

waves of change festival 2022
Waves of Change Festival 2022, for illustrative purposes only.
Image credit: ArtScience Museum

A collaboration between marine conservation not-for-profit Coastal Natives, ArtScience Museum, and Artwave Studio, this year’s festival features a spectrum of artworks, films, and talks about the beauty of marine life and the man-made challenges the ocean faces.

Deep Rising Teaser
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Deep Rising Teaser


From children’s classics like Finding Nemo to the latest documentaries like Deep Rising which is narrated by Jason Momoa, prepare to learn more about the wonders of the ocean in fun and engaging ways.

4. Enter the metaverse through a Roblox game & VR experience

If you’re interested in all things immersive or find the whole concept of a metaverse intriguing, the works of local creative technology studios MeshMinds and Metamo Industries will be right up your alley. They’re the brains behind an upcoming experience titled “MeshMinds 3.0: ArtxTechforGood”, taking place at ArtScience Museum in September 2023.

artscience museum programmes meshminds
Image credit: MeshMinds & Metamo Industries

Stay tuned for interactive metaverse experiences and journey into the floating city of “Aquasia” through VR. Besides that, you’ll also get to become a Sky Farmer in Roblox by planting the world’s first vertical farm set in Singapore.

There’ll also be talks with leading creative technologists and themed film screenings at this free public exhibition. In short, you’ll get to go far beyond what you know of the metaverse from just watching The Matrix.

5. Learn about cool ocean inventions from the creator himself

If you’re a budding artist, scientist, entrepreneur, or all of the above, here’s your chance to speak to and get inspired by ArtScientist-In-Residence, Cesar Jung-Harada, at this year’s edition of Singapore Design Week.

He’s the proud creator of “Protei” – a shapeshifting robotic sailboat which was designed to clean up oil spills at sea, and an invention that won the StartmeupHK Grand Award in Hong Kong.

artscience museum programmes cesar jung jarada
Image adapted from: ArtScience Museum 

The theme for this year’s Singapore Design Week is “Better By Design”, and as part of ArtScience Museum’s Ocean Imagineering residency, there’ll be programmes taking place in the museum from 2nd September to 1st October 2023.

It features a showcase, opening on 2nd September, where visitors can get a glimpse into Cesar’s workshop, temporarily transplanted into ArtScience Museum. Cesar himself will also be working in the space on selected days.

Deep dive into what makes a revolutionary, impactful design at the talk, “Net Zero is Not Enough”, where Cesar Jung-Harada and urbanist Sarah Ichioka discuss the need for regenerative design that considers our wider communities and environments.

6. Get creative with your kids through storytelling workshops

artscience museum programmes storytelling workshops
Image adapted from: ArtScience Museum 

Add a little fun and zest to your kids’ September holidays by signing them – and yourself – up for the Creative Recharge: Sep Holiday Programmes, held 4th-8th September 2023. As part of Singapore’s goal to shift towards being a “City in Nature” by 2030, there’ll be a storytelling workshop centred around the idea of co-existing harmoniously with the animals around us.

The workshop kicks off with an immersive guided tour of the Sensory Odyssey exhibition through 7 natural environments, followed by a storytelling session based on the book Ubin Elephant by Alan John.

Swing by ArtScience Museum for an enriching day out

artscience museum programmes

Whether you’re looking for a fun new activity to do over the weekend or a new date idea, ArtScience Museum offers a myriad of things to do and things to see. 

Couples can look forward to snapping some cute pics together against the aesthetic and inspiring backdrops, while families can bond over interactive activities while picking up some educational tidbits along the way. 

Especially with the slew of new programmes to check out, there’s something for everyone in the months ahead – whether you’re a sneakerhead, ocean lover, thinker, or doer. 

Check out what ArtScience Museum has to offer


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Photography by Liu Xing Ying.
Cover image adapted from: ArtScience Museum

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