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Ark Bloc Is A Low-Key Bouldering Gym In Punggol With A Calisthenics Corner & Flexible Pass Packages

Ark Bloc Fitness Centre

It’s not necessarily a new gym on the bloc but it’s definitely one that deserves more attention. Ark Bloc is a massive fitness centre in Punggol that isn’t as well known but easily falls under one of the more affordable gyms in Singapore. It has facilities for bouldering enthusiasts, fitness junkies, and newbies starting out on their fitness journey. 

Add this to the list of places to hit up with the gym bros for the next sesh and you might find your new favourite Iron Paradise.

Open air & a large space to work out

Image credit: Ark Bloc via Google

Your typical gym usually entails 4 walls and plenty of mirrors to admire your hard work. But Ark Bloc lets you really sweat it out in their open-air space so you’ll get to breathe in fresh air while staying sheltered from the sun.

The large space also means there’s ample room for you to go all out without being overly cautious about bumping into someone else.

Equipment for just about any workout

Wait times for machines won’t be as high here either, considering they have 8 deadlift platforms and 6 power racks for you to use.

Atlas stones.
Image credit: Jeremy Ko via Google

The gym uses plate-loaded machines that offer more customizability, allowing you to add weights in increments as low as 1.25kg. This makes it a lot less intimidating for those just starting out or for those who are looking to make small and steady steps to hitting their goal. 

Aside from machines, they have free-form options including callisthenics equipment, atlas stones, and heavy tires to use.

Reach new heights with their bouldering walls

Image credit: @arkbloc Instagram

Their bouldering walls are nothing to scoff at either – they have challenging routes with some pretty extreme overhangs that’ll have you out of your comfort zone. Don’t let these intimidate you if you’re just starting out – there are also some beginner-friendly challenges for you to get the hang of first.

Image adapted from: @arkbloc Instagram

Those who want a unique bouldering experience can also try out their twin wall – not commonly found in climbing gyms here. Basically, a few climbing routes have been duplicated on a large wall for competitive folks who want to challenge their friends side-by-side.

Flexible subscription options from $28

Image credit: @arkbloc Instagram

Even after everything you’ve seen from Ark Bloc, you may still find it difficult to commit to a new gym, especially since gym memberships usually last for quite a while and can be quite expensive. However, the subscription model at Ark Bloc is quite flexible with several options for you to choose from.

Their passes include Day Passes ($28), 3 Multipasses ($58), 10-Day Entry ($168), and Monthly Unlimited ($90/month) so you don’t have to decide on a long-term arrangement right away.

Challenge yourself and push your boundaries

Those who are looking for a gym or fitness centre with a variety of methods to work out or a bouldering gym in the North East area can give Ark Bloc a try. There’s no pressure to make this a new regular haunt too since you can try it out first with a day pass and then decide if it’s the right place for you to achieve your fitness goals.

Find out more about Ark Bloc

6 Tebing Lane, #01-05, Singapore 828835
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8am-12pm, 3pm-10pm | Sat-Sun 10am-10pm
Rates: From $28
Contact: 8022 1480

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Cover image adapted from: Ark Bloc and @arkbloc Instagram

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