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Appreciating Individuality


Why is it that they say everyone’s different, but we are made to go through the same tests, and achieve the same excellent results? It doesn’t add up. It’s like disregarding the unique talents and traits different people possess by making them master everything and anything. Sure, it is good to learn new things, but what about the talents that we were born with? The interests that we have learned to have passion about?

Why is the world making us to be clones of “perfection”? To be good in everything, to strive for excellence in every area. To be an all-rounded individual. I mean, some people are born to be all-rounded individuals, but there are several others who only has that one talent, or interest, and is deemed as “not good enough” by societal ideas of an ideal human being. These people are then not given the best of education because schools want all-rounded students, who are capable of excelling in more than one or two subjects. Is that fair now?

For someone who is better in the arts, than in the sciences, I’d say no. It’s not a matter of not trying hard enough, really, but that’s everyone’s excuse for those we don’t achieve ideal results. Is it really though? Can everyone really be clones of perfection if we try hard enough? In my honest opinion, I don’t think so. I don’t do as well in math as my peers, not because I feel it in my bones, but because I see it in my in inability and struggle to understand and grasp mathematical concepts. On the other hand, for literature and the other humanities, I feel a sense of familiarity and engagement with the content that I study, which makes studying not only easier, but also more interesting.

So, why, does society and the education system here not appreciate that? In the end, we can only have one job at a time, even though we might have the adequate skills of ten others.