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If you have lived in Singapore long enough. You would recognize them. You don’t remember you recognize them because they were so…cheesy? Your mind has chosen to block them out of your memory because it was so…cheesy.

For those who have not lived here long enough, and you want a small glimpse of the past that we no longer proudly display. Here it is.

An Introduction To The Archived Cartoons that Taught Us Our Values

Singa the Courtesy Lion

I actually had to look this one up because I didn’t know he/she/it had a name. His arms is always outstretched, welcoming you to always smile, be happy, and give up your seat to those who needs it more than you. He was plastered everywhere. Train stations, bus stops, schools. He was the epitome of courtesy. Singapore was getting overcrowded and we needed to be more courteous. Instead of smashing people off to the side just so we can get home early, we needed him to be there to remind us how we needed to be aware and gracious.

So, I always wondered.

What is he looking at? Seems a little rude for him to just stare at us if he thinks we’re in the wrong, isn’t it? A bit, passive aggressive don’t you think? It’s like the person standing at the edge of your table in a crowded food centre, waiting for you to finish when you’ve barely sat down.

Or maybe he realized he has only three toes so he decided to raise his arms, hoping you will be distracted from his odd three toes situation. Hmm, he’s definitely got a very strange way of reminding us to be courteous.


Sharity the Elephant

Did you know Sharity actually has a back story? Sharity was the one who would wave to you on TV, encouraging you to dial that number to donate more to charities. Sharity was of no biased. So Sharity represented pretty much all charities. Share your wealth with all the charities and do some good. Sharity will love you forever.

If you need more motivation to donate, here’s Sharity’s back story, quoted from here. 

“Since young, Sharity was bullied by his peers because he was pink and not gray. His parents, Momba and Bubba took him away in search of a new home. They managed to find Sharityland, a land of caring and sharing. Whenever Sharity was happy, his heart grew and lifted him high into the blue sky.”

So does that mean, they left him in Sharityland? Is it a coincidence that the place is called Sharityland? Which came first? The land or the elephant? hmm…


Captain Green

It is not just the current trend where Singapore is promoting us to be green. It has been around since Captain Green hopped onto our shores in the 1990s. He would smile ever so sweetly. Reminding us in his huge timer-like eyes, that he too, lives in this world. We must not ruin his world.

Don’t forget to look after the planet! Was what I imagined him to say if I ever came across the large bins.

20 years later, it’s funny how many malls we have around.


Water Wally!!!

I felt like the exclamation was needed as he had his fists up in a gungho manner. His heart-shaped skin complexion was there to make sure we don’t waste water. Always turn off the tap when not in use! Brush teeth without letting the water run! Make sure you turn the tap off tight!

He even had legs so he could technically be called running water, if he saw you wasting it. Ha, I’m funny.

Did you know, he even had his own cartoon series? 9 episodes long and on the Okto Channel.

If anyone can tell me where I can subscribe to the Okto Channel, that would be awesome. I would make a note in my book.



These are some of the cartoons I have chosen to recollect. There’s actually a whole bunch more. They’re all consolidated wonderfully on this blog.

I remember these cartoons being plastered everywhere. I always wondered what adults thought about it. They would see it on their way to work, during work and after work. Would they purposely avoid a certain route on the way to work just so they can avoid being judged by these animations?

Hmm…I wonder.


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