Aftershock PC Ultra-Labs service for PC customisation

Here’s a question for you: how long do you spend in front of your computer each day – be it for work or leisure? Chances are, it’s where you spend a chunk of your waking time – so understandably you’d want to build an aesthetically-pleasing workspace. 

Lucky for you, Aftershock PC has launched the Ultra-Labs service for those who wish to personalise their PC. Here’s everything they offer:

Deck out your PC with your preferred hardware

custom PCs

Let’s face it – ready-made computers aren’t a perfect fit for all. You might love the majority of the components, but there’s just that teeny part of the PC that you wish you could change. Cue Aftershock PC, known for their customised PC offerings, and their latest service – Ultra-Labs.

online service
Same day
delivery is available for selected products.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a techie or a newbie, the Ultra-Labs service lets you build your dream PC. The sky’s the limit here – personalise your fan colour and coolants, or go all out and do a full LCD panel customisation. And the icing on top – this service is available online on the Aftershock PC website so you can select each component from the comfort of your own home. 

custom fan grills
Custom fan grills. 

If you’re new to the tech world and require some guidance, start by choosing a base PC from the Starter range (from $925). Then, you can personalise items like the CPU, cooling system, and motherboard simply by selecting one from the options provided. 

Gamers, the Performance range (from $1,025) is for you. Expect a high frame rate and quicker rendering with this series, perfect for those chiong Valorant or COD battles. Similarly, you’ll be able to choose your preferred hardware including the RAM, power supply unit, and graphics card. 

Beautify your PC with colours, engravings & vinyl stickers

bubble tea PC

Aesthetics-wise, you’ll be thrilled to know that there are tonnes of styles to play with. For one, you can customise the front panel with quirky engravings or vinyl stickers. You can also switch out the basic black cables for coloured ones, and choose the colour of your fan grills. 

cherry blossom pc
Floral-themed PC.

Or, customise your GPU with a backplate that features your own picture – the options are endless. Past works have included an adorable bubble tea-inspired PC that featured fake pearls in the reservoir, and a Lord of the Rings-themed backplate paired with unique Elvish fan grills.

sakura PC
Laser etching was used for the Sakura blossoms. 

No shoddy work here as top-notch materials from reputable manufacturers like Gigabyte, Zotac, and Adata are used for each component. Experienced technicians and specialists also employ techniques and performance testing for the PCs, so you can rest easy knowing your set has been built to the T. 

in-store service staff

For those with more complex designs, you can email the team at with your ideas and start the discussion. Of course, if you prefer engaging the staff face-to-face, there’s always the option to head down to the store at Suntec City. You can also take this opportunity to gather some inspiration from the PCs at the store. 

Check out the Ultra-Labs service by Aftershock PC

aftershock ultra-labs

Name a better flex than having your own customised PC. I’ll wait. With the Aftershock PC Ultra-Labs service, you’re now able to personalise your workstation or gaming gear without having to physically visit the stores. BRB, gonna check it out myself too. 

Learn more about Aftershock PC’s Ultra-Labs

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Photography by Liu Xing Ying. 

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