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AECC Global Education Fair 2019 Singapore

AECC Global’s Education Fair Lets You Recce Over 50 AU & NZ Schools With 1-On-1 Consultation

AECC Global Education Fair 2019

AECC Global Education Fair 2019 SingaporeImage adapted from AECC Global

Making the decision to further your studies overseas unlocks a whole new world, but not before you trawl through all the uni websites in the name of endless research. 

To prevent an information overload from bogging you down, AECC Global is holding an Education Fair on 21st September 2019. Happening at Bistro@DUO Galleria, you’ll be able to explore all your tertiary education options in Australia and New Zealand conveniently in one spot.

There’ll be institution representatives present to answer all your burning queries and, once you’ve found the perfect fit, successful applications will come with attractive freebies like Google gadgets, Fitbit watches and audio equipment including Sony Airpods and JBL speakers.

What is AECC Global?

Specialising in application management as well as support and counselling for students looking to venture abroad, AECC Global makes enrolling into foreign unis a breeze. 

AECC Global Education Fair 2019 Committee

Your friendly and knowledgeable committee of education consultants
Image credit: AECC Global – Singapore

From sifting through potential institutions and figuring out your criteria for a dream school to getting your Student Visa sorted so you can reside in a new land without a hitch, the process of applying to study overseas involves careful research and preparation that youths may not have the know-how to adequately handle. 

Not to paint a grim picture, but it’s a majorly tall order that will no doubt set the tone for the rest of your education, career and life itself. The good news is, you don’t have to conquer it alone.

Despite going the extra mile to ensure that all students settle effortlessly into their new adventure abroad, AECC Global’s services are completely free. The costs paid by students actually go straight toward their chosen institution in the form of school fees, accommodation partners to settle lodging deposits, and health insurance cover. No sneaky agency fees involved here!

Find out more about what AECC Global does here.

Bonus: Advanced application and credit exemption for poly students

Great news for local polytechnic students: If you’ve already set your sights on an overseas course and can barely count down the days till graduation, you can actually start applying with your 5th semester poly results!  

No more sitting idly by as you await the completion of your diploma programme. Send out those applications first and once your diploma is officially awarded, you’d have a head start in accepting the offer from your chosen institution abroad.

For those vying for further studies in the same field, a relevant polytechnic diploma will also grant you up to 2 years’ worth of credit exemption towards your degree.

AECC Global Study Overseas Education Fair at Bugis

AECC Global Education Fair 2019 Flinders StreetImage credit: AECC Global

Jot down all the questions you’ve had in mind since toying with the idea of studying abroad. Institution representatives from institutions across Australia and New Zealand will be present at the Education Fair for 1-on-1 discussions tackling everything you need to know, so all that’s left for you to do is pack your bags and hop on that plane. 

Partner universities you can find at the event are as follows:

AECC Global Education Fair 2019 Universities

Apart from universities, there’ll also be specialist institutions to fast-track you towards your career destination. Think industries like design, music production, culinary arts, film and television, hospitality and even aesthetics or cosmetology.

Some institutions that are ideal for those who already have a clear idea of their career path include, but are not limited to:

AECC Global Education Fair 2019 Specialist Institutions

Those in search of foundation courses will be able to get the low-down on Pathway Schools represented by Navitas, Study Group, UP Education and UTS Insearch. 

Under pathway institutions like Edith Cowan College, Taylors College (Perth/Sydney/Auckland), La Trobe College Australia and more, students get the opportunity to first acclimatise to the academic curriculum of a foreign land, before delving into a degree programme. 

Click here for the full list of institutions involved in the AECC Global Study Overseas Education Fair.

AECC Global Education Fair 2019 Bistro Duo GalleriaImage adapted from: Google Maps

Don’t worry about having to shuffle awkwardly around a stuffy convention centre, either. AECC Global is hosting the event at Bistro@DUO Galleria, a swanky and super accessible hangout spot located just a 3-minute walk away from Bugis MRT. 

Register now and you’ll be able to claim a complimentary drink on the day of the event!

Education fair highlights and freebies

Apart from gaining unfettered access to answers and information from the university insiders first-hand, attendees will also be treated to an exclusive Application Fee Waiver worth up to $150. The more savings, the merrier! Especially as you enter the next phase of your education journey. 


AECC Global Education Fair 2019 SchoolImage adapted from: AECC Global

On-site, you can also explore your options of engaging an Overseas Education Agent, a dedicated professional who will handle the nitty-gritty aspects of settling into a foreign education landscape. 

They’ll help to settle admin issues such as course selection and enrollment, Visa application, accommodation and insurance abroad. Best part is, all agents are of overseas university background so they’d be able to hand you personalised tips and advice, having been there and done that. 

AECC Global Education Fair 2019 Tech FreebiesPast applicants who have walked away with a Fitbit, Google Chromecast and Google Home Mini
Image adapted from: AECC Global Singapore

If you need more time to consider your options after the event, you have up till 15th October 2019 to submit your application via this link to receive one of the following gifts:

  • Google Home Mini
  • Google Chromecast 
  • Fitbit watch
  • JBL headphones
  • Sony Airpods
  • WD Hard Drives
  • JBL Speaker

Note: To be eligible for the gift, students must eventually accept the offer from their chosen institution through AECC Global.

Study overseas with AECC Global

Identifying what course of study you wish to pursue is cause for celebration, but doing so in a foreign institution brings about boundless opportunities for thrilling experiences you’d never even dream of. 

Whether your aim is to study in Australia, living and breathing good vibes, glorious weather and an incredible culture or frolic among the sprawling nature in wonderful New Zealand, the world is your oyster and AECC Global’s Education Fair will help you unlock that first step into an unforgettable adventure. 

Find out more and register for the AECC Global Education Fair here

This post was brought to you by AECC Global. 

Bistro@DUO Galleria,
7 Fraser Street,
Singapore 189356
21 Sep 2019
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm