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adidas ultraboost 19

adidas Is Letting You Test-Run Their New Ultraboost Shoes at Suntec City

adidas Ultraboost 19 Test Runs at Suntec City

adidas ultraboost 19

I am in no way a fast runner. In fact, the only 2 instances I run are to catch the bus or for my mandatory annual IPPT.

Despite my lack of miles covered throughout the years, I can’t deny that a good pair of running sneakers is a staple in everyone’s shoe cabinet. You never know when that wave of #fitspiration will hit, and a run around your neighbourhood suddenly becomes part of your daily agenda.

If you’ve been similarly thinking about heading outdoors to make a positive upgrade to your fitness level, adidas will help with your baby steps. Between 22nd July – 8th August 2019, their UB19 Test Runs will ease you into running, let you try the brand new Ultraboost 19 shoes, and even offer free adidas merch. 

[UPDATE: 29th July 2019] Registration for the UB19 trial runs at adidas Suntec City is now closed. You can still experience the Ultraboost 19 on a trial run at the adidas Runners sessions on 3 & 10 August. Follow adidas Runners Singapore on Facebook to sign up!

Get a FREE adidas running kit just by joining their UB19 Test Run

adidas water bottle and shoebag
The runner kit includes a water bottle and a shoebag

Simply registering for the UB19 Test Run will have you covered with the basics, since you’ll receive a free adidas running kit that includes a water bottle, socks and a shoebag to use for subsequent sessions.

adidas socks

Don’t worry about riding solo either. Running can be a daunting affair, so sign up with a buddy to run together in a cosy group of 10-15 pax once you secure a slot. 

adidas test run 19

The runs are held on weekday evenings and led by the adidas Runners Singapore Coach and running expert from the meeting point at the adidas Suntec City outlet, so there’s really no excuse not to join post-work. Hey, the sunset views during the 3-4KM route around the CBD area will also serve as a great way to destress – you might even catch that evasive “paddle pop” sky.

Sneakerheads might want in on the action too – every participant will get to test-run the brand new Ultraboost 19 during the route. While you don’t get to take a complimentary pair of kicks home, bring your best IG-game for the photo contest and you could score adidas apparel worth $250

Register for the UB19 test runs here

About the new adidas Ultraboost 19

adidas ultraboost shoes

The Ultraboost is no stranger to the sneaker scene, as one of the core classic models synonymous with the three-stripe brand. July 2019 however, marks the introduction of 2 new colourways for the shoes, and they’re both beauts in their own right. 

adidas ultraboost shoes for running
The Ultraboost 19 has arch support that customises to your feet

For guys, the new version boasts a pop of complementary blue and orange on the front and sides, that transitions to a surprising combination of red and black hues towards the heel area. The female colourway has similar coloured stripes, but with a lighter shade base of coral and baby blue.

adidas ultraboost girls

Looks aside, they also fit to a T. Besides the immediate in-sole cushioning you’ll notice, its motion-weave technology also allows the shoe to adapt to your feet to optimise support. 

The shoe’s frame also snugly hugs your heel to give assurance it won’t come loose mid-run, which made me feel like I was ready to take on any type of physical activity. Simply put, it’s hella comfortable.

Review of the adidas Ultraboost 19

adidas hypebeast

I own various other running shoes, but the Ultraboost was a brand new experience for me. Taking out these shoes for a spin, I was surprised by how quickly I got used to their fit – it felt like I’ve been running in them since forever! 

running with adidas shoes

Although my desire to run is usually rare to zilch, its 309G-light build and slight arch gave a lil’ spring in every step that definitely made my afternoon jog more enjoyable. 

We also crossed various terrain like concrete, wooden panels and grass without having a need to slow down.

Kickstart your fitness goals with the adidas Ultraboost 19

running in singapore

For a casual run with new friends to ease you into the routine of running, sign up for the adidas UB19 Test Runs happening between 22nd July – 8th August 2019. If you can only make weekends, adidas is also having their regular adidas Runners sessions on Saturdays, which allow you to try the new Ultraboost 19 as well. Sign up for the weekly runs via the Google form on the adidas Runners Facebook group page.

Whether you’re an avid marathoner or just starting to get into the running habit, the Ultraboost 19 is worth a shot as your new companion.  Even if you’re not the fondest of running like me, who knows – one trial run could change your perspectives for the better and convince you to take on a whole new hobby. 

For now, let’s just hope I score a good timing for my IPPT this year. 

Get your adidas Ultraboost 19 in-store or online at

Sign up for the adidas UB19 test runs here

This post was brought to you by adidas.
Photography by Nathanael Law and Alastair Pang.