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5 Hour Energy

As a writer in TSL, writing and editing my articles at a computer screen for about 8 hours a day and meeting deadlines on the regular is no simple feat. Let me give you a visual representation of my daily energy level in a nutshell – basically, a U-shaped graph. 

See, my mental focus takes a nosedive to its lowest point after lunch before picking up as the clock tick-tocks towards 6PM. But let’s admit I’m not alone in this – some of my colleagues attempt countering their food coma by raising their phone and asking that all important question: who wants to order bubble tea?” 

But sugary concoctions like BBT and latte frappes are not the healthiest long-term solution to provide a short-term energy boost. That’s why I chose to give 5-hour ENERGY ®, a healthier energy boost option with zero sugar a shot.

Only 4 calories to keep the waistline in check

One of the problems with drinks of high sugar content is that you’ll be left in the lurch of a “sugar crash” after the initial boost. Not just that, you’ll be burdened with empty calories as well – loads of it in fact – which can lead to unhealthy weight gain and other health issues.

5 Hour Energy

An average cup of bubble tea and latte frappe actually contains up to 300 calories! That’s a startling 75 times more calories than just 1 bottle of 5-hour Energy shot. And although a conventional energy drink contains ~45 calories, it’s still almost 11 times more in caloric content.

3 types of Vitamin B for improved energy and mental focus

Gulping down an energy drink doesn’t necessarily have to come after vigorous physical activity. 

For example, my day-to-day job is pretty much deskbound, so it’s no surprise that there are days where sluggishness hits me out of nowhere and leaves my mind fading away in my seat. Times like these , a pick-me-up for better mental focus is much needed.

5-hour Energy shots contain a range of B-vitamins to help improve concentration, as these vitamins are scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and keep your mind sharp. Vitamin B3 helps to rid lethargy, B6 keeps your concentration level high, and B12 improves your memory. 

5 Hour Energy

Of course, that’s not to say that I’m immediately churning out articles twice as fast after a shot. Instead, I realised that I didn’t have to fight the Zzz Monster as hard after a bottle post-lunch, and the feeling of lethargy wasn’t as strong as it usually was.

5 Hour Energy

2 flavours available – Peach Tea & Orange

I personally fancy black coffee without sugar for a mental energy boost, but it just isn’t everyone’s cup of…tea. To make it palatable for most people, 5-hour Energy shots comes in 2 fruity flavours: Orange and Peach Tea.

5 Hour Energy

I was expecting the taste to be artificially sweet, but to my surprise; it wasn’t at all and it didn’t have any bitter aftertaste either. It was easy to down, and the notes of Orange and Peach Tea were certainly distinct. 

5-hour Energy for mental focus

5 Hour Energy

Whether it’s getting through a day from a bad night’s sleep, or staying out with your mates for a late-night movie, we all need to switch on that turbo boost in our engines from time to time. With zero sugar and loads of B-vitamins, a 5-hour Energy shot is the ideal combo for this. Each bottle is only 57ML too, which means it’s easily consumed within a gulp. It’s no surprise that it’s the #1 energy shot in the USA. 

Don’t let mental fatigue get in your way and affect your productivity at work and play. With improved alertness and focus, you’ll be able to give your best shot at whatever you do. Before you decide to indulge in a heavily sugared drink to restore your mental HP next time, consider 5-hour Energy shot ($4.50) as a healthier alternative to perk you up. It’s easily available at all 7-Eleven, Cold Storage and Watsons too. 

Find out more about 5-hour Energy shots here

This post was brought to you by 5-hour ENERGY ®.
Photography by Theodore Ang.

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