100PLUS x Drea Chong collaboration 2019

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Busy schedules and constantly being on-the-go leads to depleting levels of hydration for many Singaporeans, and the sweltering climate sure doesn’t help. The most commonly cited reasons are that there’s nothing to drink on-hand, or that plain water just isn’t the tastiest beverage there is.

Hence, it totally makes sense that we as a nation are enamoured with 100PLUS, a reliable thirst-quencher that not only provides a satisfying fizz, but replenishes our body’s depleted electrolytes as well.

Great news: You can now add a gorgeous tumbler to your everyday ensemble, courtesy of 100PLUS. Designed by the chic Drea Chong herself, toting them around gives you a hefty dose of style plus constant access to your favourite beverage.

Free tumblers with 100PLUS Zero Sugar

Previously hailed as the ultimate athlete’s companion due to its superb rehydrating formula, the electrolyte-fuelling capabilities of 100PLUS are now enjoyed by everyone, anywhere. Regardless of whether they’re rushing from place to place or just want something refreshing to beat the heat.

To make things even better for those living that #CleanEating life, the drink now comes in zero calorie, zero sugar form.

100PLUS Zero Sugar is both calorie-free and tasty

100PLUS Zero Sugar is the calorie-free counterpart, giving you all the refreshment you’ve come to love without any added sugar.

In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, local fashion icon Drea Chong has meticulously designed 2 different tumblers with inspiration stemming straight from the runway.

Tumblers designed by Drea Chong and Soleil Ignacio - Drea Chong's long time collaboratorDesigned by Drea Chong in conjunction with the 100PLUS team and Soleil Ignacio – fashion and beauty illustrator who is Drea’s long-time collaborator.

The bold prints and chic colour palette will inject an air of sophistication be it in the classroom, on your work desk, and everywhere else in between.

The designs were inspired from Spring / Summer's fashion trends of colour-blocking and printsInspiration taken from the 2019 Spring/Summer fashion trends of colour-blocking and bold, striking prints.

Designs were created to encourage Millennials On The Move to save the earthConceptualised with the “Millennial On The Move” in mind, carrying a meaningful message for today’s generation to do its part in saving the Earth.

With the eco-conscious wave in full effect, the 100PLUS team and Drea have also taken care to include a metal straw alongside the 100% recyclable and reusable tumblers. It comes complete with a cleaning brush and canvas pouch so you can bring it along anywhere!

Limited edition 100PLUS Zero x Drea Chong tumblers

It’s pretty common for thirsty peeps to reject plain water due to its flavourless nature. Instead of reaching out for some sugar-laden sodas or calorie-packed bubble tea, a bottle of 100PLUS will hit the spot AND boost your system with a flood of electrolytes at the same time.

Limited-edition tumblers by Drea Chong

Get your hands on these classy and uber functional tumblers, available for a limited time only. With 2 stunning designs to collect, all you have to do is purchase a minimum of $18 worth of 100PLUS products, including at least one can or bottle of 100PLUS Zero Sugar.

You can find them at selected supermarkets as well as online at FairPrice On.

Find out more about 100PLUS Zero Sugar here

This post was brought to you by 100PLUS.
Photography by Heng Wei Shin & Huy Pham.

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