10 Quirky Motivational Posters

We all need encouragement.

The best of us fall sometime and all falls can be fatal if you let them be. I used to set inspirational quotes as my homescreen and lockscreen to get by. Now, both my screens are Megan Fox and Eva Green respectively. I regret nothing. 

But to the rest of us who are in need for the mind spiritual goodness, here are some of the best quotes the Internet opened my constricted, Rachel McAdams-obsessed mind with. 



Neither do I most times.

This makes all drunk folks smart folks and this makes all chatterboxes smart folks so this quote means you just can’t lose. It’s a catch-all for everyone who forget how to shut up since 2002. And good thing too because the Universe needs more interaction, legible or not.

So you are clever hunny, believe it.



The source of this quote is unknown and aptly so.

There are people who try to be the special snowflake aka look I’m a gamer girl even though I have never used an actual desktop keyboard and look I take no steroids and my biceps are bigger than your head. You’re still uniquely – uniquely annoying. 

But still to the best of us, we truly can point to our thumbs and say “damn we’re unique”.




And when you fall, you fall on clouds. 

Which is not too bad, just don’t fall on Indonesian clouds because everyday you’ll be falling into hazy ones and people doing rain dances below you begging for their thirst and you’d feel really confused and it will no longer be cloud nine anymore. 

But still you get to be closer to planes and you can try spotting MH370 so you got that going for you, which is nice.



You know you’re allergic to chilli (high-5!) and you know your allergic reaction will make you cry for 3d2n. You have the world’s best laksa and the world’s best chilli crab in front of you. You are tired after a long day and you know your friends want your ass out on girls’ night. You have a night of excessive drinking and partying and a night of heart to heart talks. 

Choose the lesser evil. Burnt tongue yes, but hospital visit no no no. Heart to hear talks that you can “fall asleep” by accident on, but excessive drinking and party leading to more heart to heart talks with a touch of alcoholic regret after no no no. 

If you’re going to make a small mistake, may as well pick a new one to learn from. 



Shitty group mates and a half-done project? Sister trying to fix mum’s laptop by downloading n0tavirusl0l0lmaf0.exe and failing? Friend gives up on the last set of squats and runs off to the wash room to “freshen up”? 

Finish it – turn in a completed project and hope the best of your group mates get diarrhoea on presentation day. Finish it – flirt with your nearest engineering course friend and get it fixed. Finish it (for them) – hound your friend for the rest of the day till he/ she give in and finish their set. 



This is for all the classy alcoholics.

As the Latin saying “in vino veritas” (there is truth in wine), wine does two things – it brings out the honest in people and it brings clarity to what was muddled before. There is nothing more comforting than wine in a bathtub to figure your life out.

Of course if you already have a bathtub and have ready wine whenever you want it then you’re pretty much figured out already.

7. You can’t have everything – where would you put it?


All the lockers in the world won’t be enough to fill everything you own if you have it all. And the prime example is Bill Gates – the man who gives as he gets. Why have it all when you can’t use it all?

And besides, once you do have everything, you got to start seeking a new purpose and that’s a task more daunting than counting the number of ants under your kitchen patio. 

There will never be space for everything – there will only be space for the most important things – so prioritize! 



This is self-explanatory.



And do you think they spend their time taking selfies 3 hours a day?

No they don’t (note to self: take note) and instead they create. They live in their minds and come out from their cocoon with ideas and visions that shook the world. In the next three minutes, you can decide to invent the next pool noodle (you lucky, lazy bastard) or you can choose to take another selfie. 

I am going to use the next three minutes finding more funny posters. Okay that’s not exactly Einstein level but it’s good enough.



And the most powerful of all.

Many times we don’t give ourselves enough credit. We think we are not good enough to wish for something. We think these wishes are impractical and besides, it is out of reach. 

More often than not, we forget that it was hope who drove the minds and hearts of every great man to ever lived. Tesla hoped to make the world a better place. Martin Luther King hoped to give the best to his people. Gandhi hoped to spread truth and non-violence in the world. 

We are inspired by nothing smaller yet more powerful than hope – or perhaps you know it by its sister term, dreams.

So keep fighting to hold onto your hope and keep fighting to keep your dreams alive.


And you’ll get there 🙂