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#B1-10, Great World City 1 Kim Seng Promenade 237994
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Julia Kwan
Listing created by Julia Kwan on June 13, 2014    

Whyogurt specialises in the retail of yogurt and other frozen yogurt related products.

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10am - 9:30pm
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< $10

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Does not market what it says

Don't make the wrong assumption if you happen to see my mouth full of cream, I haven't been indulging in guilty pleasures for a while. In fact, this variety of cream is low in fat as well as protein and calcium rich. Welcome to the world of yogurts, specifically Whyogurt, located in Great World City, just a stone's throw away from the TSL office.

So, why this outlet? What features distinguish it from countless stores selling essentially the same product? I would first recommend you to take a look at its base. Amazingly, for a yogurt outlet, majority of its bases were ice-cream with only 3 types of yogurt bases. Naturally, you get the irony here. However, an ice-cream base may not be too bad after all, as i tried lime and felt refreshed in the aftermath. For the yogurt ice cream, do look out for the crunchy bits in the cup, they definitely improve the overall tasting experience.

Scoop-wise, I would recommend adding on $1. The small cup comes with a relatively stingy portion which will not satisfy your tastebuds. However, I found that it was worth it to add on as the assistant was quite generous in scooping my portion.

Overall, I had a decent experience at Whyogurt but to be honest, cheated in that I came to the store seeking a healthy alternative to ice cream but what I got was ice cream. So maybe you were not wrong in making that assumption after all.

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