The Soup Spoon

A May 15, 2012
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The Soup Spoon
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The Soup Spoon started its first retail outlet at Raffles City in Jun 2002. If this company has one thing on its mind - it's creating a sensational product that will turn The Soup Spoon into the premier soup establishment in Singapore. Soup should not be relegated to the wings as a bit player - it deserves a place on centre stage! That's what The Soup Spoon is all about. Creating a soup culture, where soup takes its rightful place as the focus of a meal. We aim to provide innovative, fresh and nutritious soups that stand alone, filling enough to satisfy the hungriest patron. We're all about changing people's attitudes to what soup can be - a wholesome meal in itself and a divine culinary experience. In time, the soup culture will produce soup connoisseurs, capable of detecting subtle flavours, nuances and characteristics of a soup, just like wine aficionados.


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