QuickLoan Pte Ltd

QuickLoan is a dedicated licensed moneylender located centrally at Tanjong Pagar. It has served customers for the past 10 years.

Loan Owl

Most enquiries are attended to within 4 hours and are kept discreet and confidential – all documentation is shredded and disposed.


MoneyIQ provides a different service from mortgage brokers by investing in technology to compare home loans rates instantly on their website or iOS app. Their consultants are not incentivised by …

Magnus Credit

Magnus Credit is a licensed Moneylender in Singapore. We provide easy-to-apply personal and business loans with flexible repayment plans. Hassle-free and fast approval.

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ABI Credit Pte. Ltd.

ABi Credit Pte Ltd is the premier licensed moneylender in Singapore. Our fast, convenient services have helped thousands of clients bridge the gap between personal loan, payday loan, emergency cash …

IP Credit

IP Credit is a licensed Moneylender in Singapore providing business, personal and foreigner loans. Simple and fast processing with speedy loan clearance.

Cash Direct

Cash Direct Singapore is a licensed Moneylender in Singapore, providing fast cash, personal loans, foreigner loans and more. Hassle-free and fast approval.

JR Credit (S) Pte. Ltd.

JR Credit is a licensed Moneylender in Singapore providing hassle-free personal loans. Our staffs are professionally trained to assist you in our financial needs.

TCC Credit Co-operative

TCC Credit Co-operative is a non-for-profit financial institution different from Banks and Finance Companies.A credit co-operative is owned and controlled by the people who use its services. Credit co-operative are …