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A boutique yoga studio specializing in Hot Yoga in Singapore and Australia. Their first location is at Canton Road (near Boat Quay) with a new studio to be opened in Orchard Road.

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Weekday Opening Hours:
7am - 10pm
Weekend Opening Hours:
9am - 10pm
Entrance Fees:
$40 for a week trial
Price Range
  • $30-$50
  • > $50


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Cosy yoga studio

I have been practicing with Hom Yoga since trying their one week trial a year back.

I like the fact that it is a small and cosy boutique yoga studio with receptionists who always greet us with a smile. You won't feel left out there and the environment is not as "sterile" as other big gyms or yoga studios, where everyone seem to rush in to class, then rush to shower and go off.

Although it is a hot yoga studio, they cater various type of yoga such as hot hatha, hot hom, hot flow and even prenatal yoga. They also have between 60 to 90 minutes lessons and allow us the flexibility to choose one that fits out schedule.

One thing I exceptionally like is the cleanliness level they maintain. This is extremely important since there's a huge amount of perspiration going on in every class held. Toilets are also spacious, bright and clean, and they provide soap, shampoo and conditioner in every shower cubicle. There's also large mirrors and hair dryers.

Their packages are non-negotiable, it makes me feel better to know that prices are transparent and I will not meet someone who manage to bargain for a lower pricing for the classes. Tip: Wait for their GSS and end of year sales. They usually have good discounts during these periods.

Overall, I fell in love with hot yoga after trying them out, and am a very satisfied customer till today.

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Best part:
Cosy boutique environment
Orchard Central and Raffles Place
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Love it! Join their trial!

Hom yoga is smack right in the middle of bars and karaokes in circular road, Robertson quay. It is a small 3 storey boutique and mainly provides hot yoga classes. I have personal preference with hot yoga over the usual ones. 1 reason, you sweat ALOT more. It’s like an instant gratification as you are “visibly” burning fats. As you do the poses in the 39 Celsius studio, your sweat is constantly DRIPPING from all parts of your body.

For beginners, hot yoga may be a little too vigorous for them as it requires sheer determination, flexibility, endurance in heat, etc. However, it is rewarding as well. An online research shows that an hour of hot yoga burns approximately 680 calories as compared to a normal hot yoga which only burns around 200 calories!

Compared to the other hot yoga places that I’ve been to, the studio of Hom Yoga is relatively small. I wasn’t that used to it at the beginning. But with a smaller room, it means lesser students in the class and the instructors can give us more attention, correcting our postures etc. One thing I love about Hom Yoga is that their staff are not pushy at all.

Even if you are just attending their trial, they don’t pester you to sign up their package even after the trial period. A quick comparison with the other yoga-specialised studios in Singapore, Hom yoga provides one of the cheapest packages. Oh, and one more thing, Hom yoga is expanding! Read from the website that they will be opening another outlet in September at Orchard Road  Would totally recommend Hom Yoga for someone who is on budget and yet would love to try out Hot Yoga.

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Small but have everything we need

I have never been a fan of yoga but I went for the one week trial at Hom Yoga and had fun trying out the various classes that they have. For just $40 you can attend unlimited classes for 7 days. If you are really keen you can even go for 2-4 classes a day, if you can take it. Each class last for a minimum of 60 minutes which is just enough time to go through the positions once. While some classes for up to 1.5 hours, but I don’t recommend this if you are new to yoga. I tried it once and I felt dizzy and tired after an hour plus.

You must bring a bottle of water in with you and drink some as you move along in the class. As it is Hot Yoga, you are actually doing yoga positions in a heated room of as high as 40 degree Celsius with a high humidity as well. So you are bound to sweat buckets. But once the room gets too hot, the instructor will open up the door or windows to let in some cool air.

Throughout my 7 days trial I tried 4 different types of classes – Hot Flow, Yin Yoga, Hot Hatha and Hot Hom. I feel that Hot flow is too fast paced for beginners like me but the rest are manageable and I enjoyed Yin Yoga best as it is very slow paced and makes you stay in a stretching position for a longer period.

For the current instructors with Hom Yoga, I enjoyed Sara and Michelle classes as they do try to go around correcting your positions and will give alternative positions for beginners.
As for facilities wise, they do provide you with lockers, shower facilities and 2 towels – 1 for the class and 1 for shower. Hair dryers are also available. The only thing they should really improve is the number of toilet as there is only one at the moment.

I am just completed my trial and am glad that their staff are not pushy at all and did not pressure us to sign up packages.

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Average Spent Per Person:
Best part:
Unlimited classes for 1 week trial
Canton Road
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