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Lydia Hunter
Listing created by Lydia Hunter on January 08, 2016    

House is found at Dempsey Hill, and is a large 4,00 square foot restaurant that combines local flavours with global palates, they aim to create creative and comforting meals. Outdoor seating is available and they are able to cater to children and large groups. Takeaway is also available. 

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Food so bad it turned me vegetarian

If I’ve ever had mixed feelings about a restaurant before, House blows that out of the water. I went vegetarian after eating there for a second time, if that’s a clear enough sign of my horrendous experience. First time around, all was good. I had the Old-Fashioned American Sliders, really yummy and cooked whatever way that you’d like, I had a nice time with my family and the whole thing was a success. However, on my second visit, I naively went for some form of chicken sandwich, which turned out to be my last ever meat meal, and it was frankly a disaster from start to finish. As soon as I picked the thing up, it fell apart and left me on my anniversary trying to salvage a soggy, broken, and a simply sad looking sandwich. As I ate, half the meat looked uncooked to the point it looked ready to chirp and the other half was just extremely chewy and stringy. Yum yum.

The interior design is clearly odd, however it does work at times, yes even the oddly placed gazebo. I felt that when it was dark, the design was successful, however during the day it felt too large, disjointed and just a little bit awkward. It looks and feels too big for its own good, and leaves you feeling as if you’re sitting a mile away from anyone else. Although at times this is all well and good, when trying to attract the attention of the waiter things could be better.

Online reviews are full of praise and my first trip to House was truly very good, however my experience goes to show how one bad meal can ruin your opinion of a place forever. Give it a chance yourself, my chewy chicken may have been a one off and you may love it. However for me, I would like to thank House for putting me off meat forever and for making my family's taste in interior design seem almost normal.

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