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1 Cluny Road, Ginger Garden, Singapore Botanic Gardens Singapore 259569
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Chloe Park
Listing created by Chloe Park on March 20, 2012    

Halia – Malay for ginger - is a fine dining restaurant originally located at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. They have recently opened a branch at Raffles Hotel.

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(Updated: April 22, 2012)

Garden Set

While scouting for new places to dine at, I chanced upon this very restaurant which in my opinion certainly did not disappoint. Hidden deep in the botanical gardens and being surrounded by many other eateries and activity huts, it is quite easy to miss the restaurant. The layout of the restaurant has both the sheltered al fresco dining and the air-conditioned area for those allergic to the heat. Although it was contained within a small area with a small seating capacity, I was told that in times of need, they could open up an additional seating area to hold a larger capacity.

Seated in such an elegant looking place in the middle of nature seemed to be quite a pleasant dining experience as the place has sufficient ceiling fans to keep the whole area cool. We were greeted by a very lovely and friendly service crew that assisted to all our needs patiently and I was also exceptionally pleased with how the place is kept clean and bug-free despite being in the midst of so much flora and fauna. The food that they serve is mainly western, pastry with some fusion food.

I must compliment that the food is indeed worth every cent that it is priced at. The eggs benedict set that I had, had perfectly timed poached eggs and it was served in a portion just right so I wasn't too full at the end of the meal. The place can get a little crowded at times, and it may be a bit of a long walk from some areas of the botanical gardens but I would highly recommend this as a perfect high tea or breakfast spot for those craving for a little tree-dining experience.

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Excellent place for events

I attended an event held at Halia and while waiting for the guest-of-honour to arrive, I created a mental checklist for the perfect place to hold events.

Great, classy ambiance: Check

Glass walls which create an impression of being outdoors and one with nature, yet allowing one to take respite from Singapore's warm climate in an air-conditioned environment: Check

Delectable and pretty-looking macarons (or any dessert): Check

Central location: Check
(However, Halia may be a bit difficult to locate for the geographically challenged ones like myself.)

Amazingly good food that was both aesthetically appealing and tantalizing to my taste buds: Check
(The buffet spread was rather small, but I definitely went back for seconds.)

Beautifully furnished and clean bathrooms, with couches outside for the ladies who need to go on bathroom breaks as a pack: Check

I had a great time that day, and I am definitely considering having my 21st birthday party there.

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(Updated: December 26, 2012)

Wonderful food and ambience

My friends and I visited this place for a birthday celebration.

We had the eggs benedict, eggs florentine, some other American breakfast dish, the ginger dessert, and the brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Everything was perfect. However, these dishes come at an expensive price. For example, the eggs florentine was about $28.

Service was lacklustre though. When we asked whether we could shift from sitting outside to the inside, the service staff were impatient and unfriendly in assisting with our request. (Perhaps the day was too humid and warm?)

Getting to the restaurant is a hassle as well. After parking at the visitor's centre, it takes about 15 minutes to walk to Halia, which is located inside the Botanic Gardens.

However, once reaching Halia, you might agree that the walk was worth it (I guess it depends on how much you hate perspiring); it is a restaurant that is located among lush greenery and the restaurant walls are made of glass panes. A pretty sight to behold.

My advise? Come to Halia only when you're dressed comfortably and when the weather is cool.

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Botanic Garden
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A hidden gem

I chanced upon this little restaurant by accident - and because I was already hungry from all the walking around Botanic Gardens, I thought, "why not?"

The ambience of the whole place is lovely. So green and lush. It was around late afternoon when I was there, and the weather was quite cool, so I dined outside. I only had the chocolate cake because darn, the prices aren't that friendly to a student's pocket! It was really good though, very soft and light.

The service was alright, but could be improved on. A smile here and there wouldn't hurt, actually.

I'd definitely go here again once I have enough money to splurge on their main courses and such!

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Beautiful Place

I had a late lunch before heading to Botanical Gardens and when I ended up here, I couldn't stomach anymore food except for having my afternoon tea which was quite an expensive way of having tea.

The ambience of the restaurant and the patient service of the staff definitely more than made up for the bruise on my wallet. I stayed there for a pretty long time having a good chat with my friend who was with me. All these while soaking in the atmosphere. I'm coming back for the food.

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Heaven in Halia

Halia may mean ‘ginger’ in Bahasa Malayu but it also means ‘gentle and peaceful’ in Arabic and that almost perfectly describes the dining experience in this gorgeous restaurant tucked away within the Botanical Gardens.

Dinner time here would be a scene from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, complete with wooden furniture and ferry lights. Heaven though, comes at a price with main courses ranging between $26 (Vegetarian) and $45 at an average of $37.

The food is primarily Western with a Japanese influence. The Hokkaido scallop and Prawn linguine is a dish that could lift the saddest spirit with a delightful infusion of ingredients like cherry tomatoes, salmon roe and Basel leaves. The scallop I thought, was “Chef Ramsey-perfect”.

An expected downside is that the outdoor scene, however exceedingly beautiful, also attracts the creepy crawlies. Otherwise, definitely a place to impress a date.

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Hokkaido Scallops
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Tranquil Retreat

This restaurant I tucked away in Botanics Garden, near the Orchid Gardens, and the surroundings are what make it so unique. It is surrounded by the flora and fauna where the natural beauty enhances the cuisine served. I do remember the dessert, we shared the chocolate cloud, hazelnut nougatine and raspberry, and I had a sandwich which was pretty filling. It was a pretty place for a group of us girls to sit and chat to catch up and unfortunately as I was as usual late, so I ended up sharing desserts with the girls first before having the main course.

I guess, what really stuck with me about the place was that it was a peaceful retreat, and definitely proved a much more pleasant alternative to being out in the open and being stung by mosquitos. The desserts were decadent sharing a dessert always halves the guilt. Although, admittedly the prices are slightly steep.

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A good treat indeed !

This unplanned lunch turned out to be the most pleasant outing in my life. My fellow friends and I decided to go out for lunch together. Our main intention for doing so was to have some time for bonding. Then, one of my friends gave the idea of going to the restaurant at Botanic Gardens. As the main restaurant at the entrance of the Botanic Garden is always crowded and not organized at lunch times during weekends, we opted to check out Halia.

The setting was peaceful and quiet. Adding on to that, the service and food was surprisingly good. Prompt and friendly service, a lot of attention towards children, good portions (especially for kids menu and for desserts) and high quality of food also added on to my memorable lunch with my friends. At the end of our lunch, it started to raining cats and dogs and while we were thinking of what to do, a waiter gave us rain coats for each and every person at the table. It was more expensive, yet we found the value much better. Our new regular spot in the Botanic Garden was never going to change until I find a better place than this, which will never happen!

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