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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on March 05, 2013    

Chef Michael Quinn runs Little Diner, combining Irish and American ideas into his food and the place has an impressive 950 bottle wine collection as its centerpiece.

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Lunch : 1130 – 1430 Brunch : 1100 – 1500 Dinner : 1800 – 2200 : 1800 - 2230


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Brunch love

This little diner sprouted up along bukit timah not too long ago. Everytime my bus passes by there I would peer at it longingly as I've always to check out their food. The interface of their shop is mainly black and sleek which was a little elusive like to me. That was what attracted me to it.

I went online and checked out their menu and I loved their style of brunch menu. The sight of red velvet pancakes and cornflake crusted french toasts totally won me over. I had to go there. Then one day i finally had the chance to eat their brunch which is only served on weekends. We were treated with excellent service, the service staff there were so nice, I could go back just because of them. They interacted well with the customers, smiled and even asked for feedback which I thought was really commendable.

The red velvet pancakes came in a trio and cream cheese. The pancakes got a little sickening after a while even though we were sharing it. But I liked the cream cheese accompaniment actually. The other dish we ordered was the eggs benedict which was pretty well executed. We got the one with the smoked salmon which eggs were flowy and the accompaniment toasted muffin soaked up the yolk perfectly. Guilty pleasures in life.

They do have a lot of ongoing discounts and promotions throughout the whole week especially with the 10 percent discount for students. Can't wait to try out their other menu items! (;

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Superb Comfort Food for Families and Friends

Situated along the stretch of eateries next to Guthrie House, Little Diner is a favorite amongst residents in the Bukit Timah area. As their name suggests, Little Diner serves up delicious comfort food in a cosy no-frills setting, and is a great place to head to for a meal, regardless of whether you’re with your friends or family.

Their menu reflects Little Diner’s creative twist on traditional comfort food dishes, with starters like the delicious deep-fried Risotto Balls ($10.50) that are stuffed with molten cheese. One of their most popular orders is the Old-School Mac & Cheese ($16.50), a huge dish of macaroni drenched in thick creamy sauce and baked to a crusty golden-brown. They have a version 2.0 that comes with mushrooms and truffle oil, but I much prefer the original. Perfect for mac & cheese purists.

Little Diner is a place that I return to time after time with my family. The staff is friendly and personal, greeting you by name if you’re a regular there. For the portion sizes and quality, I feel like their slightly steeper prices are justified. Little Diner offers food that is simple, hearty, and downright delicious.

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Casual and Laid-back Restaurant with Generous Portions

Located alongside Bukit Timah Road, you can find this American-styled eatery with a rather plain and dusty grey exterior, but with a casual and laid-back setting inside.

Effort was not spared in making customers feel happy! If you have made any reservations, there will be a customized name sign with a little welcome note on it. Each table also has tiny vases of fresh colorful flowers.

Feisty Aglio Olio $19.5
The pasta had a great combination of spices and they were intricately balanced. However, the prawns were not any exceptionally splendid as it was a little hard. I was expecting the prawns to be more juicy. As the name says it all - feisty, the dish is more to the spicy side and is not suitable for those who cannot tolerate chilli. The spices had a sharp kick that lingers on with a nice aftertaste. Overall, I loved the dish except that the prawns are not that worth the price.

Beef Stew
I tried some of the mash potato with a little bit of the gravy. The potato was so luscious and creamy and had a slight addictive taste. The gravy had a strong flavour but I am personally not a fan of beef stew.

Version 2.0 Baked Mac & Cheese Royale! $20.5
Everyone had praises over this Mac & Cheese. I reckon it's due to the fragrance of the truffle oil. The entire dish had a rich cheesy taste that was bursting with flavours. I felt that it would be a good dish to share among 2-3 pax as one might get sick of eating too much cheese.

The food was really presentable and the portions were quite generous. The ambience was cosy and nice as well. My friends all loved that place and wants to go back for more, the only small problem I had was with the prawns. Maybe I have ordered the wrong dish as they told me that pastas were often not worth the price in restaurants.

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