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Changi Airport Departure/Transit Lounge North Terminal 3 Changi Airport Terminal 3 Singapore 819663
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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 04, 2012    

Thanks to increased security measures trapping us at the airport, sit down dining has become a popular way for passengers to (quite literally) eat up time. Add this to the ongoing lack of good in-flight food, it's no wonder you can't go wrong when you land at the internationally renowned Hard Rock Cafe, located in Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 3 Transit Lounge. This Hard Rock Cafe is no exception to the chain dedicated to its superior service, and the infamous design adorned with its memorabilia collected from all over the world manifests both the personal touch and vision of its owners, creating a magnificent environment for superb dining experiece with the warmest of welcomes from all the staff. Inviting & warm, Hard Rock Cafe makes eating airport food more of an experience than a necessity. Whether you have a lot of time or just an hour, there is bound to be a dish that will tempt your palate or simply satisfy your hunger. Or, simply unwind after a long flight with your favorite cocktail or an ice cold beer for the road. Whilst at the Cafe, don't forget to check out an amazing collection of souvenirs, memento and collectible items at our Rock Shop! You can certainly enjoy them all and stay on schedule!

Additional Details:

Opening Hours:
6am - 1am
Avg Price:
  • $20-30
  • $30-$50
List of Outlets:
Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa Singapore
26 Sentosa Gateway
#01-209 to 214 The Forum
Singapore 098138

Hard Rock Cafe Singapore
50 Cuscaden Road #05-01
HPL House Singapore 249724

Hard Rock Cafe Singapore Airport
Changi Airport Singapore
Departure/Transit Lounge
North Terminal 3
Unit L2AF10


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Thumbs up for the ambience

I give the ambience at Hard Rock Cafe one thumbs up, on second thoughts, I would give it two. Aside from the reknowned themed decor at all Hard Rock Cafe, the staff were all extremely warm and friendly, giving an inviting feel to anyone stepping into the restaurant. When there is a birthday celebration, all the other guests are also open to joining in in singing the birthday song. So on the overall, the restaurant has a very happy, positive vibe to it.

The food is mediocre and although pricey, I would say is reasonably priced if you take into account the ambience of the place. Not a place I would go for dinner often as the novelty might die down but definitely worth a visit at least once.

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Keep rockin'

Hard Rock Café serves American comfort food (and my favourite) — burgers! I would advise skipping the classic burger, as it was too plain for my liking. Go for those with more toppings i.e. bacon. The sandwiches are surprisingly good and serving size is fit to fill a girl’s appetite well.

If you, for one, hate live bands, avoid this café at all costs. One entertaining detail about Hard Rock Café is the special surprise for the birthday boys and girls (just let them know beforehand) — they would be invited up on stage to stand on a chair and receive a birthday song led by the servers there. They would also receive a free sundae and a polaroid to commemorate their special day! A great surprise for your pals, I’d say.

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(Updated: December 13, 2012)

horrible food

This was definitely not what i expected.
I went to Hard Rock Cafe (the one at Resorts World Sentosa) to celebrate my friend's birthday, it was her parents' treat.

Looking through the menu, there were little variety and I chose lemon chicken chop (or whatever fancy name they gave, but really, it's just lemon chicken chop). It was around $26 if i remembered correctly. You would've thought the lemon is just a spice and the chicken chop would just be a little tangy, right? Well, basically my taste buds curled in disgust as I took my first bite of the dish. The lemon taste dominates the dish and god, it was horrendous.

I thought, okay fine, so the sauce kind of sucks, maybe the chicken will be better. But boy, the chicken was NOT better. They served breast meat and it took me ages to cut off a chunk of that hard piece of meat, and it took me even longer to completely chew it up.

The lighting was incredibly dim, i couldn't really see my food and was having a mini headache to be honest.

One thing i have to applaud is the good service though. They treated my friend like a princess, with a yummy looking sundae and a t-shirt, all for free!

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Average Spent Per Person:
Best Part:
the birthday song
Branch Location:
Resorts World Sentosa
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What am I doing here

Came here because me and my girlfriend thought Hard Rock Cafe seemed pretty cool,

Hence welcome a new addition to my list of bad decisions. Hard Rock Cafe had a live band playing the night I was there and as much as I wish to support local music, it was really bad.

Somehow despite how horrifically disappointing that place was, there were a lot of drunk and happy people. They were in a general state of tipsiness and were very loudly questioning each other's sexuality and even though I was a good 6 tables away, I heard the loud answering necessary defenses and claims of straightness.

There was no food by the time we reached, only alcohol. The alcohol names were strange and quirky and I was already in Hell's mood from the commotion everywhere and I decided to walk off unceremoniously with my friend following quickly behind.

Never, ever gonna step into that place again

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Best Part:
Whatever you can convince them to serve you
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(Updated: May 11, 2012)

great nachos portion!

My 3 friends and I went to Hard Rock Cafe on a weekday afternoon. It was filled with only two families and us in the rather spacious restaurant. The atmosphere was great. Old-school rock music accompanied us. If you visit the cafe at night, there would be a live band playing! As it was Halloween period during our visit, the waiters and waitresses were all dressed in their fancy get-up. A fresh experience. Our orders were taken as soon as we have decided and food was served in no more than fifteen minutes of waiting.

We ordered Nachos and Twisted Mac N Cheese with Chicken to share among the four of us as we saw on another table that we food came in giant portions! Our nachos came first and it was the biggest and fullest nachos I've ever seen. There were all sorts of ingredients on the warm tortilla chips. So fresh and real! It came with two dipping sauces as well. Did not try it as I don't like sauces, but my friend said it was good. The Mac N Cheese with Chicken arrived next and it was so creamy and cheesy! So sinful but satisfying at the same time. The chicken breast were grilled to perfection.

The portions was just nice for the 4 of us in total and the total bill, with drinks, totaled to about $20 on average as there was an in-house promotion for Visa cardholders. The nachos were $20 and the Mac N Cheese, $26. Prices might be scary at first but if you look at the portion, it justifies the price.

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Branch Location:
Resorts World Sentosa
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(Updated: April 14, 2012)

Mouth Watering Fajitas!

This will be a good place to drop by if you are leaving Singapore to other countries. It is located at Changi Airport Singapore Departure/Transit Lounge North Terminal 3. Seriously this is the best place to have Fajitas. It is called Famous Fajitas. You have a choice of grilled chicken or beef or shrimp served with cheddar cheeses, fresh guacamole sauce, sour cream, some lettuce and hot flour tortillas. You can have the duo combo (any of the two choices) or trio combo (all the choices). I ordered a trio combo. It came in a Tupperware like container. The tortillas are freshly made as I could feel the hotness.

The interesting part comes when you have to make your own Fajitas. It is all up to your preference. I like to mix everything together including the sauces and wrap it with the hot tortillas. When I had my first bite, everything falls into place and the sauce just melts nicely with the tortillas and spread around. The quantity was totally more than expected for that kind of high price. The staffs were even delighted to attend to my requests and she was the one who recommended this to me.

Oh my, if I am going overseas again, I will come back for this!

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Average Spent Per Person:
Best Part:
Trio Combo Fajitas!
Branch Location:
Changi Airport
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