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Killiney Post Office 1 Killiney Road Singapore 239518
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Listing created by dawntillmidnight on April 21, 2012    

Sitting at the junction of Killiney, Penang and Orchard road, KPO's unique location alongside a Post Office, its modern architecture and natural surroundings, as well as its distinctive vibe, have made it an urban landmark. Get your fill with some all-day breakfast or drop by for a relaxing drink after a hard day's work. An oasis of sensorial treats, it is the perfect spot for cosy late night get-togethers. See you at KPO!

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Mon-Thu 11am-1am Fri and eve of PH 11am-2am Sat 9am-2am Sun 9am-1am
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(Updated: March 06, 2013)

Be and be seen - but at what cost?

With the small carpark lined with luxury cars, KPO is definitely the cafe bar to be and be seen at. Popular with the working crowd, KPO is packed especially during the weekends. What drew me in was the large crowd and the fact that their tables are spaced out well enough that you don't have to bump elbows with others.

While I love to chill out with my friends at this cosy cafe bar (for its ambience), I genuinely find their menu completely overpriced. Don't get me wrong, they offer good food and drinks, but everything is just too expensive. A glass of Long Island Tea costs $22 and I noticed that a plate of anchovies costs $10? That's painful to accept. In any case, why would anyone go to an expensive bar to enjoy our local delights?

Now that I've seeked and found better (less pricey) bars, I doubt that I'll frequent KPO as often as I did before.

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Cosy ambience, good food
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(Updated: January 28, 2013)

Believe me to be anywhere with alcohol

I entered this place with low hopes. Why abbreviate yourself as one of the un-classy word in the Hokkien dialect right. But I knew it's worth the whirl because it's after all an Orchard place, so I let my date drag me in on a weekday night.

We made it into the happy hours and he ordered a jug for himself while I settled for my Erdinger. I really wanted tequila but I forgot why I didn't have one, probably wasn't under their happy hour promotion. In any case, the ambiance is really not to my liking. I like small cosy crowds when I drink and this place is an uproar all the time, even on a weekday night.

The prices are fine and the ambiance is overall fine but I think this place is good as a restaurant, not so much a bar.

Not again.

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Ambiance and vibe
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(Updated: January 12, 2013)

Nice place to chill after hours but beware the crowds during peak period

I have always liked the ambience at KPO and sitting outside is also pleasant even in our sweltering heat because the management ensures that there are ample big fans blowing cool air at boozing customers. However, as my title suggests, beware of the crowds during dinner time and peak periods, it can be hell trying to find a seat and to hear you and your friends talk.

Overall though the food is not bad but a tad pricy however, the overall experience and view that you get of the busy Orchard Road does make up for that. Do have a try at this place, perhaps later in the evening when you can relax and not have to sit ramrod straight so that the waiters do not brush against you with trays full of food and drinks.

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A good place to chill

Conveniently located in town, a place to grab a beer and some bar grub after work, with friends. Went there on a weekday evening around 7pm to catch their Happy Hour (till 8pm). Ordered plenty of food to share amongst our group of four.

Had chicken wings, KPO Hokkien Mee, Kronenbourg Fish & Chips, and Pizza Bruschetta. Chicken wings were nicely fried, good marination and served piping hot. A little oily but nice with cold beer. But then, I'm always biased towards wings. Hokkien mee, was arguably pricier than norm but that's expected when one is in the bar. Flavourful, nice stock and good with the sambal.

Fish & chips was just alright, with truffle scented fries. Pizza bruschetta was thin crusted and was one of our carb fillers for the night

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(Updated: April 26, 2012)

Expensive, but a great place to chill out

KPO Cafe bar is a relatively new restaurant/bar concept that just opened its doors a few years ago. I visited the place once after work with my friend. Its architecture is sleek yet cozy at the same time. My friend and I chose to dine in the alfresco, where we got to people-watch as we indulged in our food. We chose to have a local nasi-lemak, which in my opinion was pretty overpriced, but the tiger prawn was huge and it was pretty tasty. The service crew was highly efficient as well, serving our food promptly and refilling our iced-water when we wanted more drinks.

After dinner, we headed into the bar. The interior was beautifully furnished, with wooden floors and bars with low-lights illuminating the place. They had two storeys, both with ample seatings - with bar seats for couples or sofa booths for a small group. They have a wide array of alcoholic selections, prices around the same range as alcoholic beverages elsewhere.

Its cosy ambience definitely makes it a choice place to dine and drink to let off some steam from a hard day at work. It is opened till pretty late, closing at only 1am on usual nights and 2am on weekends. Located conveniently at the end of orchard road, it is definitely a place to chill-out for a get together.

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