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Listing created by dawntillmidnight on April 19, 2012    

A simple, exotic cafe tucked away in Shaw Leisure Gallery, known for its variety of delicious pastas.

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Mon–Thu: 12pm–2.30pm, 6pm–9pm Fri–Sat: 12pm–2.30pm, 6pm–9.30pm Sun: 5pm–9pm
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Holy cow!

With a name like Creation and a halo above the O, it is obvious this joint was opened by true believers. There isn't much that's heavenly by way of taste, unfortunately. Moreover, manna might have been complimentary but the grub served here comes with a price tag.

Creation isn't expensive, but it isn't good value for money. It serves bog-standard ang moh food and noxious beverages.

This doesn’t stop Creation from being a firm favourite with the lunch crowd at Shaw Leisure Gallery though, with every table occupied every day of the week (except on the Sabbath, of course). Must be a miracle.

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No need to give thanks for the food here
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(Updated: May 11, 2012)

One of the better pastas around!

Having tasted many pasta at different cafes and restaurants, I still find myself going back to Creation Cafe for its delicious pastas.I guess you can say that it was 'Love at first sight' for me, except that it should be 'Love at first bite' in this case!

As Shaw Towers is a small distance away from Bugis Junction and Bugis MRT station, it is relatively quiet and seemed very dubious to many. However, it is a hidden gem! When I was first brought to Creation Cafe in Shaw Towers, I tried Carbonara. To be honest, I did not have much expectations given the location and having not heard of the place before. To my surprise, the carbonara way exceeded my expectations! Rich and creamy sauce with spaghetti, ham and mushrooms simply excited my tastebuds. If you are worried that the creamy sauce might be too much after a few bites, then you need not worry. I could finish up the whole plate of carbonara, including every drip of the sauce because it is that good!

Creation Cafe really lives up to its name as well, as it came up with a few creative pasta such as Laksa sauce pasta and Curry sauce pasta, which are both not bad! I am amazed as to how curry and pasta can be mixed together, but they certainly made it work. Lunch and dinner sets can be chosen, where you can add on around $2.90 to $3.90 for soup, drinks and dessert. The brownie was yummy too. It is not too hard but not too soft, and topped off with vanilla ice cream and voila! You have a great dessert. And how can I forget, the soup changes almost everyday and the different kinds of soup they have never fail to surprise me! Be it carrot soup, cauliflower soup or mushroom soup, they all taste rich and have a homely feel to it at that.

Therefore, I urge everyone to not to be lazy, walk a small distance to Shaw Towers when you are at Bugis to give Creation Cafe a try. There will be no regrets and the pasta and set meals are relatively cheap as compared to other restaurants and cafes.

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Decent meals

The last time I dined in Creation Cafe , I remembered the place to be kind of crampy, not many dining tables in there and the food was just so-so. I had the set meal which consisted of a bowl of soup of the day, main course and a drink. 
The soup of the day was corn soup, complimented by a couple of garlic breads. The soup was decent, wouldn't say that it was fantastic, the garlic breads were so crispy and generous amount of garlic with butter in the center.

As for the main course, I had fish and chips carbonara. The portion was large and the fish skin is so crispy. Not too much flour on the fish and yet, I could taste the tender meat and juices oozing out of the fish. As for the French fries, they are not too salty nor soggy. I simply love the fish and chips. 

Aside from that, I also ordered the vanilla ice cream as my dessert. The ice cream is not too sweet. 

I would recommend this cafe if you a bored of eating just rice or noodles. Each set meals would cost you around $10. I remembered that they don't charge diners GST and service charge , so it is counted as decent meals. 

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delicious and reasonably priced full course meal

To enjoy a full course meal consisting of a drink, soup, pasta and dessert at a reasonable price, Creation Cafe definitely fits the bill.

A different soup is created daily, yet, it is always delicious. I had cauliflower soup once. I was a little apprehensive when I heard that it was cauliflower, but the soup turned out pretty lovely. It was cream base, with small and soft pieces of cauliflower and had a home cooked taste to it.

My favourite main dish would be the mushroom ravoili with salmon. Served with about seven pieces of mushroom ravoili and big chunks of salmon, the serving can appear deceivingly small, but it is very filling. With each bite of salmon and mushroom ravioli, the fresh taste of mushroom juices bursts into the mouth and the salmon complements the pasta well.

I usually have a trouble choosing between the brownie or apple crumble with vanilla icecream, as both are equally delectable. Most of the time though, I would choose the brownie with icecream. The warm and soft brownie with cold and sweet icecream complements well together, and each bite can make me smile with bliss.

Creation Cafe does not seem well-known to many at the moment as the small number of seats are usually able to sit all the diners at each time, including mealtimes. The wait for the main course can take some time though, especially during mealtimes. It is worth the wait nonetheless.

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Pasta and Love

I'm usually quite a nitpicker when it comes down to service and food. However, Creation Cafe has really one of the best pasta and service I’ve ever experienced in my life so far. When I think of Creation Café, I think of Love. Seriously… As cheesy as it sounds. But really, the café has such draw and inane effect on me. The ambience is so perfect that my boyfriend and I look forward to having our dinner there, despite having to queue for a table when we both prefer a hassle-free prelude to our dinner. The boss of Creation Café is a down-to-earth and amicable man. He made us feel right at home although he was a man of few words when we first met him, taking my orders and making sure we are served our food.

The food was a pleasant surprise. Everything was perfect. The soup was great. Thick, creamy flavourful – all to the right extent. Definitely a great starter to whet one’s appetite. The pasta, the main star of the café, needless to say, was immaculately prepared with the right amount of springiness to its noodles and sapid taste to its sauce. Dessert was prepared thoughtfully as well and definitely concluded our sweet culinary adventure well.

I’d definitely like on a dinner date at Creation Café again. It is truly a hidden gem, tucked in the back pocket of Shaw Leisure… Just waiting humbly and patiently to be discovered.

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Awesome pasta!

A friend of mine introduced me to this place saying that it sold awesome pasta. Indeed, the pastas there are extremely delectable, much better than most pasta places in Singapore. For $9.50nett, you can get a soup of the day, a main pasta of your choice and a drink. Top up another few dollars and you get a dessert as well! There are some local flavors to chose from if you'd like to try something different from the usual choices of carbonara or seafood pasta. They have interesting flavors like the chili crab pasta, tom yam pasta and laksa pasta, just to name a few. It is definitely a value for money.

Up till today, whenever me and my friends have a craving for some 'awesome pasta' (as we call it), we'll head straight to Creation Cafe to get our craving fixed!

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