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129 Rangoon Road Singapore 218407
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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on April 29, 2014    

A cafe located at Little India that serves coffee and even cocktails.

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This cafe is a gem

I've been to this cafe twice so far, once for a birthday lunch and another because there were still so many different items on the menu that I wanted to try. For starters, we ordered the Shio-Koji Octopoke. It is served with avocado and seasoned with wasabi. We couldn't stop exclaiming in delight while eating it because it was so refreshing and it tasted really clean and simple.

For main courses, the first time I ordered the Umami Prawn Capellini, and the second time I went I had the Foie Gras Mushroom Risotto.The spaghetti was a fusion of Japanese and Italian, the noodles were like ramen and much wetter than normal spaghetti dishes, which I enjoyed, and the sauce tasted very strongly of seafood as well. This dish may not be for everyone due to its unique taste, but for the more adventurous ones I encourage you to give it a try. As for the risotto, the first few bites were fragrant, creamy and delicious, but I started struggling halfway through because it was really filling and too much for one person.

The apple crumble here is a must-try, it is deconstructed and a mish-mash of ice cream, crumble, and apple. It is also very good. The tiramisu, however, was disappointing, the coffee and alcohol tastes were both almost non-existent.

While the prices are expensive for a cafe, the food makes it worth trying out at least once, if not again and again.

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Unique tasting dishes
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Rangoon Road
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The cafe is decorated in a very modern and minimalist look with menu boards by the walls. On Saturday morning we had a early morning public cupping session at the cafe, where we learnt about smelling and tasting of 3 different types of coffee.

We had the session at the bar counter at the second level. It was quite interesting as the coffee smelt differently when in dry powder form and when added with hot water.

After the session, we decided to stay for brunch. By 10am, the café was actually packed with some tables having the reserved signs on. We ended up sharing the main huge table in front of the counter with others.

Egg Royale ($16++)
English muffin with smoked salmon & poached egg gratinated with Hollandaise sauce.
It was quite a great combination. The salmon was not too salty and went well with the lightly crispy muffin.

Ricotta Pancakes ($14++)
with caramelised banana, strawberry or blueberry & lemon zested mascarpone
The pancake was quite soft and fluffy. When taking order, the staff even asked if we only want selected fruits on the pancake. Quite thoughtful.

The Gibraltar ($5.50++)
A Gibraltar was really just a tiny latte, served in a shot glass - double espresso, milk, and a bit of foam. It tasted very thick and strong, really made me light up.

Special Breakfast Tea ($5++)
The tea on the other hand was quite bitter in taste.

Overall the food was not bad. It was interesting that such a out of the way place was so happening. It was packed for such an early hour.

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