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Listing created by Bel on April 29, 2014    

Created with Togetherness in mind, To-gather is a home away from home for the young and the young-at-heart,featuring a carefully curated menu where comfort food meets artisanal coffee, without hurting your wallets. 

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Lava Good Cake

Possibly one of the neighbourhood cafes that actually offer neighbourhood prices, To-gather is the place to go for substantial food when you’re on a budget. Bright and cheery, the cafe takes on a friendly personality.

Most of their mains are pretty decent, and their Fish & Chips ($12.90) is probably the most filling. However, you absolutely have to get their lava cakes. Besides the usual chocolate, they also do a mean matcha lava cake, and it always gives you that glorious moment of the lava just slowly oozing out. Served with a scoop of ice cream, To-gather does one of the best versions of this dessert.

To-gather would be great for a casual meal with your friends or with your special someone. I’ve heard they have lunch specials too, so check them out if you’re around the area!

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(Updated: September 08, 2014)

Nice Neighbourhood Cafe

Just had dinner at the above cafe. At 6pm, there were already some customers.
Heard from a friend that their lava cake and iced mango latte were delicious, so we ordered these on top of Pandan Chicken Chop and Baked Japanese Curry Rice.

The cafe ambiance was warm & dark but the seats were a little too close. Our main dishes and drink arrived quite fast and the presentation looked good. My sister tasted the baked rice and felt that the curry flavour was not strong enough. Cheese was also insufficient and she had to get some extra cheese toppings.

As for the chicken chop, skin is thick and crispy. The pineapple salsa bits helps to enhance the flavour but I have to add some tomato sauce. The fries were soggy, not crispy like what is given at other Western food stalls.

Overall, our favourite is still the warm lava cake, when pierced with a fork, the chocolate oozed out from the centre. It tasted yummy. The Iced mango latte also tasted refreshing with bits of mango. I think there's a need to go back and try some other dishes before I can conclude whether this place is worth recommending.

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Lava cake, ambience
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Homely Decorate Cafe Perfect for Chilling with Friends

This homely decorated cafe is great for chilling with friends and your loved ones! In fact, you won't have to burn a hole in your pocket to enjoy the not-so-bad quality food with such a great ambience and environment. One of my favourite feature of the cafe is the beautiful and interesting quotes! They are all around the cafe and it's quite fun to go to every empty table to check it out!

Just outside the cafe, you can spot the student's lunch deal! What I particularly like about To-gather Cafe is their really affordable prices. Only $7-8 for a main course and you can top up your drinks or side dish at a very low price! Do note that its only valid from 12 - 5pm on weekdays only. Without the student prices, most of their mains are below $15 as well.

For the Pandan Grilled Chicken Chop, the coconut sauce was quite creamy and it reminded me of Thai curry! (Not spicy as it's just the coconut cream) It was surprisingly a great and unique combination. The pineapple salsa bits made the dish more colourful but the taste did not really match. The grilled chicken is like any other standard quality but for $8.90, I thought it was pretty worth the price! Do not have any expectations for the fries though.

It's a perfect place if you want a nice ambience but unwilling to spend a bomb for food.

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Ambience with beautiful quotes
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Bedok North
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Cosy and Familial.

With its dim lights and cottage feel, it's an ideal place for a congregation with old mates or a date with your significant other. The prices of the food served is affordable for those looking for a quick bite around the vicinity.

They serve a range of Western food, though not exactly a very wide range, from Fish and Chips to Grilled Chicken, pastas to Lava Cake. They pride themselves on their coffee, which I can't comment much as I am not exactly a coffee fan.

As part of their good service, they provide free flow of iced water.

They have student deals for before 5.30pm, so for the students out there, be sure to catch them early!

If you find Bedok/ Fengshan Block 85's famous Bak Chor Mee or Sambal Stingray convenient enough, you shouldn't find this cafe hard to locate, as this place is just a stone's throw away from the hawker centre.

Bon Appetit!

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