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Christabel Yang
Listing created by Christabel Yang on April 21, 2014    

Griddy offers sweet and savoury waffles artfully crafted to be visual and gastronomic delights under the watchful eye of their head chef who has spent years honing his craft in fine dining.  With gourmet cuisine like this going for ridiculously low prices, it's high time to get Griddy!

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Sunday – Thursday: 11:00am – 10:00pm, Friday & Saturday: 11:00am – 10:30pm


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Creative concept and value for money

The food isn't mind-blowing, but it is really good value for money. It is a fresh and creative concept, where tasty fillings are sandwiched between crispy waffles rather than just boring sandwich buns.

The waffles are served on pretty wooden trays with criss-cross fries on the side. They are golden and crisp, albeit a little thin, and the fries are a slight disappointment as they were tiny and left much to be desired. The fried dory that was sandwiched between my waffle was delightfully tasty, though! On the whole, everything is very affordable and good. Just not amazing.

It is tucked away in the basement of Westgate shopping mall in Jurong East and is pretty hard to find. If you are craving some waffles and are in the area, you should definitely try it!

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Yummy and Innovative creation

You probably haven't had a combination of patties and waffles before. And that's why you've got to try Griddy. It sure is innovative, and this is probably their best selling point.

I went to Griddy's with high expectations (from the amazing pictures I saw online) and I wasn't disappointed. I had their Beef "burger", and their beef patties were pretty well done! They come with criss-crossed fries as well, and I liked them as well. The whole meal is also extremely value-for-money for a gourmet restaurant. You can complete your meal with a drink, or add-on dessert for a couple more dollars.

I didn't try their dessert which should be the best of them all, but the waffles that come with the savoury food (i.e. "burgers") are nothing to boast about. Pretty normal I would say, and bland. But I didn't mind that because I don't really want to mix savoury with sweet or salted waffles. So the combination works fine for me! I will definitely be going back to Griddy.

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