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Simpang Bedok 298 Bedok Road Singapore 469454
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Adila Shahrin
Listing created by Adila Shahrin on April 21, 2014    

Settled in a little corner at Simpang Bedok, Badoque Cafe offers exquisite Western cuisine at an affordable price. 

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Massive portions

The usual issue I have with cafe and restaurant fare is that the portions are minuscular and I am usually less than satisfied after the food has vanished from the plates. I can safely say that Badoque is one exception to this rule.

My first visit to the place left me dazed in a food coma for a good two hours. Me and my friend ordered ribs, smoked duck aglio olio pasta, chili padi chicken wings, homemade iced lemon tea and iced salted caramel. And for the first time ever, we actually had leftovers that we packed home. It is really quite amazing as I have a very healthy appetite for a girl (okay, I will admit that I eat more than quite a few of my guy friends, and no that is not something to be proud of) and I was left gasping for breath after the meal.

The ribs were humongous, the two of us could only finish half a portion. Three people can easily share one portion, it is simply that big. The ribs only cost $24, I defy you to find another restaurant with similar value for money meals.

The smoked duck pasta was yummylicious; it originally comes with a tomato base but I opted for an aglio olio version instead. I have to say that they are very generous with both the smoked duck AND the amount of garlic used. I have tried the equivalent in another cafe previously, let's just say Badoque easily provides more than 4 times the amount of duck.

The highlight of the meal for me was the chili padi chicken wings, which they call Kepak Bing Bing. I have no idea what that translates into aside from sheer spicy awesomeness. The server warned us that it was VERY spicy but we simply brushed it aside as our chili tolerance is very high. Or so we thought. One bite and I went from sleepy-hungry-nonchalance to wide-awake-oh-my-god-this-is-so-spicy-but-good. This is definitely not a dish for the faint-hearted, but I loved it. I will go back there just for this, but maybe I will head to the Thompson branch this time, Simpang Bedok is really a tad too far away from my civilization.

The homemade iced tea was a good balance to the sheer gluttony offered up in the other dishes whereas the iced salted caramel is another tribute on the altar of decadence. It brought to mind a scene in a chick-lit book I read years ago where the protagonist is sipping on an iced caramel frappucino and a random stranger comes up to her and tells her, "That is not a drink. That is a dessert masquerading as a drink and do not even try to convince yourself otherwise." Or something along those lines. Anyway my point of that little tangent is this - Badoque's iced salted caramel is definitely a wolf in sheep's clothing aka a sinful dessert wearing the innocent guise of a refreshing drink. With all that said and done, a very salient point to note is that the iced salted caramel is available for takeaway! And if I wasn't that stuffed and unable to move or function like a normal human being, I would had considered. I actually started off the night planning to have dinner and tea/coffee afterwards. Let's just say the meal at Badoque erased all such silly thoughts of coffee or dessert.

I had a thoroughly satisfying meal, which is not something I can say of all restaurants, and I will certainly return for a second visit sometime soon. The restaurant is also halal which is good for Muslims who despair of finding suitable food places. The patrons were actually predominantly Malay, but it just means that the other folks are simply missing out on some good stuff. It can get rather crowded though, so if you are intending to head down with a large group of friends, it might be best to call ahead (not sure if they take reservations though).

Reminiscing about the food is making me crave the iced salted caramel and the wings. Time to plan another trip soon..

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Chili padi chicken wings
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Simpang Bedok
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