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Tang HuiXin
Listing created by Tang HuiXin on February 16, 2014    

An industrial-vintaged theme cafe serving up all-day breakfast, desserts and coffee. Helmed by the same people behind the online bakery flag & sac as well.

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MUST TRY: Mentaiko Aglio Olio. Expensive though.

Stateland Café is tucked away at the edge of Bali Lane in the Bugis/Chinatown area. Stateland is known for their insta-worthy Shibuya honey toasts and creative waffle renditions. Recently, they’ve revamped their menu to include bistro staples, but with a local twist.

Their new menu offerings include familiar classics such as carbonara pasta, as well as more unorthodox dishes, like the Chicken Rice Risotto. I ordered the Mentaiko Aglio Olio ($13.90), which was drenched in mentaiko sauce before being topped with crunchy sautéed prawns and tobiko roe. I quite enjoyed this combination, although my friend thought that the garlic was too overpowering. (I love garlic!)

The dessert however, is rather expensive. An order of honey toast or cast iron waffles can cost you up to $14.90. We got the Eggette with Chocolate Sorbet which was priced at $16 (!), and while it was pretty decent taste-wise, I definitely wouldn’t fork out $16 for this. I also felt that the plating was a bit careless, which made the dessert look rather messy and unattractive. Perhaps they should relook their dessert pricings.

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Stateland, Trespassing Highly Encouraged

Usually, when anyone comes across the words "State" and "land" in the same sentence, it's usually followed by the words - "No trespassing". In this case, I would recommend everyone to trespass as much as possible!

Located in what I deem the heart of cafes at Bali Lane in Bugis, Stateland's rustic and industrial charm makes it a place for just about anyone to relax and soak in the atmosphere with a good ol' cuppa. Why not have a glorious dessert while you're browsing through the copies of Kinfolk magazine?

Earlier this year, I tried the highly raved about Red Velvet and cream cheese waffle. The cream cheese was drizzled generously over the waffle, accompanied with chocolate shavings and frozen berries. Classic combination.

Recently, they had a new addition to their constant growing menu - honey toast. Of course I had to try it.

Thick cut toast, crispy on the top, fluffy on the inside. Smothered in a generous helping of honey, topped with vanilla ice cream and frozen berries to cut through the richness and sweetness of the overall dessert. No regrets. It's definitely enough to satisfy any dessert lover, or just about anyone looking for a wonderful ending to their night.

I've never been disappointed by their food thus far, and I'll definitely keep coming back. Especially since their menu keeps revamping based on the current food trends to cater to their customer, you just know they have you in mind.

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