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Listing created by Yuexin on December 08, 2013    

Established in 2003, Settlers Cafe is the first boardgame-themed cafe in Singapore, with a growing collection of more than 600 games. Besides games, a variety of Western food and drinks are also available.

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The Cafe with board game encyclopedias as waiters

Settlers cafe is one of many cafes that host a venue where you can play board games. It is like a LAN shop, but analogue.

You may be skeptical about such board game cafes if you’ve never been to one. Why can’t you can play them at home for free? Firstly very few people would have as many board games as Settlers Cafe, which are all well maintained as everything is laminated or in sleeves. Secondly, it is much easier to get started on a game if you have an expert to explain all the rules to you.

I was very amazed that the staff knew the rules to every single game. My friends and I even tested him by choosing really obscure games, and he explained the rules to all of them without batting an eyelid.

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Great place to hang out

I spent one whole day with my classmates at Settlers Cafe, and boy, was I impressed. The selection of games they had was very extensive, my friends and I probably only played about 5% of the games they had, which includes board and card games.

The ambience was very comfortable and cozy as well. If you can, snatch a sofa and laze around for the whole afternoon! The service was perhaps a tad slow on the drinks and food, but the friendly staff will answer all your queries about the games and even give some suggestions on what games to try.

Each of us spent about $6 for 3 hours and free flow drinks, which I thought was pretty good. This was the student price though, I think the normal price is about $8+. The drinks are nothing fancy, just the usual sprite, ice lemon tea or water is available. But for the ambience and games available, I'll readily come back with my friends.

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Affordable fun times!

For those out there looking for a casual activity to participate in while catching up with some friends, this is the place to go! At wallet-friendly prices, Settlers Cafe offer such a wide range of boardgames you will be spoilt for choice. No worries, the friendly staff there will gladly recommend games.

The food is reasonably priced, with lunch and dinner meals at less than $10. Although the waiting time for food can be rather long, just pass the time by playing the endless choices of games. As for the quality of food, I find it comparable to large restaurants like Swensen's. Definitely worth a try.

I have already been there several times, and each time is an enjoyable session spent with friends.

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