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#02-39/40, City Square Mall 180 Kitchener Road Singapore
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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on September 15, 2013    

Barbacoa opened on 11 November 2011. The restaurant specializes in traditional Roast, Grill & Pasta. 

Barbacoa, pronounced as Ba-ba-kua, gets its name from the Taino people in the Caribbean, and the term means slow cooking of meat over the fire. The restaurant seeks to create a comfortable ambience for customers where they are able to savour delicious food at affordable prices. The restaurant isdecorated in a casual comfortable theme where customers are able to witness the frequent burst of dancing flames through a glass window as chefs cook the meats. 

Barbacoa’s speciality items include our Full Slab Baby Back Ribs, which are marinated and slow cooked overnight with our in house recipe, served with savoury Hickory Smoked BBQ sauce. Another must try dish will be 'Cheesy Salsa Mushroom Chicken' panfried to perfection, crispy on the outside while juicy on the inside.

For seafood and meat lovers, they are also the Traditional Fish&Chip, Salmon with seafood and Ribeye steak with seafood.

Another unique dish will be our "Create your own Pasta", whereby customer can choose the way they want the pasta to be cook, creamy, olio or tomato base and add choices of ingredient ranging from vegetable/meat/seafood.

Barbacoa Other must-try appetizers on the menu include 'Spicy cowboy wings' 'Assorted Sausages' as well as the Seafood Trio which comprises of Calamari, Prawn and Soft Shell Crab.

In addition to their value-for-money SET lunches and dinners. There is NO SERVICE CHARGE and NO GST. Our staffs do appreciate a tip if customers are pleased with their service and food.

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11:30AM to 10PM
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I have never been able to finish my meal set

Does not matter if it's at McDonalds or Marina Bay Sands.

I can never finish a meal.

This place took the prize of being the server of the first meal I ever 3/4 completed.

I ordered the main course of carbonara because as I've said countlessly in many of my whiny entries: nobody can mess up carbonara. And true to word, it was a delightful course. I ordered smoked salmon pasta and the smoked salmon was done to perfection. I finished it and left the pasta lonely.

My friends ordered the seafood platter and while it wasn't the best we had, it was passable. The main course was still worth a second visit. So we contended with that.

There was a complimentary soup and dessert. The soup was mushroom and it was great. Thick, creamy, the way I love it.

The ice cream, ah, that was the deal breaker.

It tasted like they melted every flavour they had and refroze it in a pathetic attempt to ice creamalize it again. And it did not work bro.

We all ate a bite and it was so terrible that we started taking bets on whoever who would finish it for some cash and even then, all of us decide it's not worth it.

So I guess I ordered a soup, a main course, a seafood platter, and a bowl of play dough!

But the meal's still good. Come back for the main courses. It's GST free too so there you go, why not!

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Little India
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