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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on June 13, 2013    

This cafe specialised in all day breakfast, coffee and desserts. Though the menu is not extensive, they do their grub and drinks well.

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open daily 7.30am - 7.30pm
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A simple and stylish looking place from outside. It is located in the middle of a row of shophouses, next to the Tanjong Pagar Community Centre, within walking distance from the Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. At 10am in the morning, the cafe is crowded but still we managed to get a big table at the back of the cafe. Have a kind of cozy feeling, as if we are dining in a private room. Menu is available on the board, so no menu will be given to you at the table.

Darling's Eggs ($7.50/ single slice, $14.00/ double slices)
Poached eggs with ham, cheese & roma tomatoes on sourdough toast
I have a single slice order. It looks simple and tasty. Like the yolk flowing out like lava.

Cafe Latte ($4.20 regular/ $5.20 large)
The coffee is made of genovese coffees and served in a glass with latte art on top. Tastes average, but I feel a bit light. Would prefer a stronger taste.

The concept here is quite interesting. One pays in cash on the way out after eating. There is no order list. So just remember what you have ordered and tell the cashier. Like the way they trust the customers. As we are a big group of people, some of the dishes are served after some of us have finished. So one can see waiting for the food may take quite awhile. The menu is quite limited too, as one remarks that there is only poached egg, no scrambled egg.

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The payment part
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I have to confess that the only reason why I keep going back to this cafe is because of its atmosphere - lighting and all. The lighting is pretty dim; making it super cosy and giving the cafe a homely feel. It gets REALLY crowded on weekends, i think the crowd on weekdays are just nice to help you feel comfortable not being the only ones in a quiet cafe.

I think the food is WAY overpriced; they don't exactly taste Gourmet-worthy, but they are indeed priced quite steeply. The breakfast sets are the best; the bread are probably the few items you would want to shove at the bottom of the list. Their tea is expensive but absolutely heavenly, you HAVE to try their tea.

My opinion - this cafe is good for a short hop-in, to experience the atmosphere with just maybe a cup of tea; nothing more.

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Duxton makes me very sad

Maybe its because of the aching memories attached, but this place has turned from a place I once loved to a place I wanted to get out of.

Unfortunately, I was stuck here because one of my job interviews was to be held here and I was early because I misread the time. I was feeling a little melancholic and sad, and I did not want to walk any further so I settled for this place, even though it literally sounded plain.

The menu looked very interesting, with a lot of fancy terms and words I didn't understand. I was still feeling down and I was alone, so I thought I'd just order a cup of coffee. Then not only would I fully complete the tumblresque image of a miserable person, but because it was instagram worthy. Oh god I am ashamed of myself hahah.

So anyway, I ordered a cup of their generra. The staff was kind and warm, and she brought me my drink fairly quickly.

To give it credit, I don't like coffee, and I managed to finish this one without fuss. I felt a little sad destroying the coffee foam art and it made the drink all the sadder to drink heh heh. The little misery joys I love.

Let me end off with - this place is really cosy and comfy, and you'd do good to enjoy a meal here with a lover. But I wouldn't recommend coming here alone so, you've been warned!

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Duxton Road
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SERVICE SERVICE SERVICE (far exceeds 5 stars)

Sorry but I just HAVE to gush about their service.

Their service is impeccable. Cafe hopping around Duxton, we decided to hit up The Plain because the other time we missed it due to their opening hours. We went in and was greeted with warm lights, a communal table with a beautiful vase of flowers in the middle and warm and friendly staff who brought us to our tables.

While we had a rather hard time choosing what we wanted to drink, the staff slowly and explained the drinks they offer with much detail, and waited patiently while we made our orders.

After that, because we stayed there to study and spend the afternoon with our drinks, though we didn't order much, the staff were very patient and friendly, even offering us water (which was self service actually). When we said we wanted warm water, they got the plain water and specially steamed three cups for us. This kind of service... I'm dumb struck.

It's so heartwarming to be there i would come back just for their service.

But another reason to be back would be their ciabatta sandwiches. Feeling peckish, we got their antipasto sandwich which was essentially toasted ciabatta filled with grilled eggplants and melted cheese with rocket. I didn't know such simple pairings could create such beautiful mix of flavors in my mouth.

Their coffee. Too.

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(Updated: June 22, 2013)

Yes Plain, very!

Firstly, Terrible name, seriously terrible. You are not even sitting on any plateau that has easy parking and plain means boring and simple and really yawn in my books.

I came here hot off the heels of returning from Melbourne. Having lived there i was excited to find a cafe that branded itself as a "Melbourne" cafe. Oh god, besides the communal table being remotely close to the vibe of a Melbourne cafe this place did not work for me.

Maybe i am being too critical, the coffee is blah. The food, very blah tasteless and simple.

No second chance needed, i have since black listed this place. It is also terribly difficult to find this place and several times when i drive by, i thought it has closed. haha. Maybe they were trying to be elusive and plain for the entrance.

Selfish Gene Cafe nearby is so much better.

Bad karma again. Things i do to write a review. :(

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