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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 16, 2012    

Gene has always been rather selfish when it comes to food. It is not that he will never share his food, but rather he will not serve anyone food that he would not eat himself. The incessant search for his perfect local cafe has hardly produced results, so he decided to start his own. Situated at 40 Craig Road at the edge of the Tanjong Pagar Conservation Area and sharing the same backyard of the [email protected], Selfish Gene Cafe is a casual eatery which serves a variety of delicious sandwiches, refreshing salads, espresso- & tea-based beverages, homemade baked goods and more.

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Located at Duxton, it's a perfectly nondescript cafe selling typical cafe food. Came here for brunch with a friend. You can expect retirees or couples who've just finished their workouts in the mornings. It's quiet on most mornings.

We tried Smoked salmon & eggs and Beef sandwich. Normal cafe food you can expect, but the sandwich tasted dry and hard, albeit filling.

What sets this cafe differs from other cafes is that all prices are net.

Cappuccino that was on the house if you're a FRANK cardholder!

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I needed some café-fix yesterday and hence went to tanjong pagar with a friend in search of some cosy café. We researched on some cafes nearby but decided to give Selfish Gene Café a try as we happened to bump into it and were too lazy to continue our search.

Together, we had their Royale, Big breakfast and a complimentary cappuccino due to a credit card promotion. When our dishes came, I was kind of disappointed because they looked really plain. My Eggs Royale was presented with 2 eggs Benedict seated on a piece of bread with salad at the side, while the presentation for the big breakfast wasn’t any better. Somehow, they just looked boring to me. Taste-wise, they were fresh and the chefs certainly didn’t confuse us with any unnecessary ingredients. Hence, you get to really taste what you asked for. Overall, I figured it was a rather good job with the minimalist work!

After I left, I was feeling a bit sad about the presentation and went to search for them on Instagram. There, I realized what I have missed out on – waffles and banana cake. Guess I just found a perfect reason to go back there again!

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The cafe is not very crowded and we are able to find a big table for the group in front of the counter. I think we have the brightest table in the cafe, as we have the view of the sky above us. After looking through the menu, one just orders and pays at the counter. No GST or service charge here. A number tag will be given for each order and remember to give it back after all order is served.

Scrambled Eggs & Brioche ($11)
scrambled eggs on toasted brioche with mixed salad
Just like the creamy scrambled egg on the soft, fluffy bread. So nice.
PS. if you do not want the toast, a bowl of scrambled egg costs $4.50.

The Valerie ($12)
homemade berry compote & cream cheese on toasted brioche with scrambled eggs and mixed salad
The scrambled egg is very creamy and soft. The berry compote is not too sweet and goes very well with the soft and fluffy bread.

Banana Cake ($6.00)
mini loaf of banana cake served warm with banana, caramel, crumble and peanut butter sauce
It is very soft, and the peanut butter adds a zest to the cake.

Orange Yogurt Cake ($4.00)
Orange Yogurt cake with orange glaze and candied orange peel
It is a surprising moist cake. I like the orange peel which is not too sweet.

Cappuccino ($5.00)
Tastes not bad.

Overall this place is a yes for everyone and we enjoyed the food very much.

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Lovely ambience

Selfish Gene is REALLY quiet on weekdays (they close early too, last order is at 5:15PM). The cafe is quite well designed; despite it being quite small, the layout was made well full use of. There are two counters for you to help yourself to postcards, magazines, serviettes and water; which, although nothing special, I though was pretty thoughtful of the cafe crew! I thought it proved that the cafe captured the essential purpose of cafes - for us customers to sit back and relax whilst browsing through books.

The cakes are REALLY good ( I really like the chocolate cake), and the portions are small enough; just right for one person! Their tea is also really good, it is a must try. The rose bud tea has a really nice mild aroma.

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Great food and ambience!

What attracted me about Selfish Gene Cafe is their ambience. The setting and the ambience of the place is very simple yet cosy.

I loved their Ham and Cheese sandwich. The sandwich was toasted just nicely so the cheese was melted perfectly and went very well with the ham. The bread, even though toasted, was still quite soft and fluffy. Best ham and cheese sandwich I've ever tasted! The salmon one was quite decent too. The salads that came with the sandwiches were tasty too, it was the first time that I finished an entire serving of salad.

Even though the cafe encourages self-service, the staff there will still deliver the food and drinks to your table, and they are all very nice and friendly. Will definitely come back here again in the future!

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head over heels!

A small little shop tucked away in Duxton, it serves up all-day breakfast and coffee. With a menu handwritten with chalk, small flowers on every table, and friendly service staff, Selfish Gene feels like a home away from home.

Food-wise, I tried their Ham and Cheese sandwich, Carrot Cake, and Matcha Latte. The sandwich was toasted, and came with a salad on the side. With just the right balance of cheese and ham, it had been warmed just right so that though toasted, the bread was fluffy and not hard. The cake was adorable, with a small swirl of cream cheese frosting on the top. I really liked how it wasn't too sweet! The frosting didn't overwhelm the taste of the cake, and it came together nicely. The Matcha Latte was smooth, also not too sweet, and with a great fragrance of green tea.

Overall, SGC is my favourite place to bring my favourite people. With good food, free wifi, great service and a cosy and warm atmosphere, I'm in love!

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Lovely atmosphere!
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Great Food! Great Ambiance!

When we first heard of Selfish Gene Cafe, my friends and I were entice by it. Although Selfish Gene Cafe has an unique name, it was very hard to locate the cafe. It took us ages to finally found the place. But, it was worthwhile!

Selfish Gene cafe is spacious and has a cosy ambiance! What's more! We were spoilt for choices on their food! I dare say, we were attracted to all the descriptions of the food from their menu. In the end, we ordered for a variety ranging from house salad, sandwiches (Smoked Salmon and Ham & Cheese), bagel (Scrambled Eggs) and chocolate cake. And of course, it taste great! Totally worth the price for it!

Among the dishes, I liked the sandwiches (Smoked Salmon and Ham & Cheese). The taste were aromatic, and at the same time, the breads were chewy and toasty! The salmon were quite fresh and doesn't have the fishy after-taste to it.

I did not quite like the Bagel & Scrambled Eggs dish. I found it quite bland when compared to the sandwiches. Then again, it may have been because I tasted the sandwiches first (which have a stronger taste), hence it kind of overshadowed the scrambled eggs.

The salads had a unique dressing created specially by SGC themselves. It was light and refreshing.

All in all, SGC is definitely a cafe I would visit again!

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Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Smoked Salmon Sandwich
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Hole in the wall

It literally was.

When our cabbed stopped and said we've reached, I turned around and looked at my surroundings, still failing to spot selfish gene.

and there it was! at a corner shophouse, beside an italian cafe. We opened the door and entered, what greeted us was a few tables in eclectic colours, a table near the entrance with colorful ceramic cups and magazines for patrons to self serve. The environment- checked.

The cooking area was rather small, but the whole place was a cozy one. We chose a table which had light streaming in from the ceiling which was just a glass pane, where the sun's rays could stream in through the glass onto the table. It was sucha perfect spot to spend the afternoon alone with a coffee and sandwich or just chilling with a mag.

The staff were also courteous and helpful. We ordered 3 drinks, their banana cake which came drizzled with melted peanut butter and their smoked salmon sandiwhc on ciabatta.

Frankly speaking, even though the banana cake was soft and fluffy which went well with the sweetness and saltiness of the syrup and PB, I still feel it didn't justify the 5.60 price tag. (correct me if I'm wrong about the price).

The smoked salmon sandwich came with sliced gherkins and creamy white smooth cream cheese with a rather generous portion of smoked salmon and a side of tortilla chips. The cream cheese was holy smooth and went real well with the smoked salmon.

Would come back again for the ambience.

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(Updated: July 07, 2013)

Cosy, spacious & with comfort food

Located in the Outram area concentrated with multiple emerging cafe joints, Selfish Gene Cafe would definitely be one of those worth dropping by. It is comfortably spacious with a woodish-like interior, and is great for a relaxing afternoon out.

Grabbed a chicken salad which came with generous shreds of chicken breast and mesclun dressed with gomadare, which is essentially sesame seed dipping sauce. This was really tasty while not too heavy, especially because I prefer clear salad dressings that are light.

Drinks-wise, I had an iced SGC tea, which is a flavorful concoction of ceylon and earl grey tea. I had the syrup served on the side and didn’t touch it at all because I like my tea bitter. This was refreshing and cleansed my palate pretty well.

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(Updated: May 02, 2013)

selfish or not, sgc sure sells!

I've only been to Selfish Gene once, but definitely enjoyed it. The café has a simple layout and a cosy atmosphere. You have to get your own cutlery (already bundled neatly, which I really liked - not everyone does this) and water, but the station is right next to the counter where you order so it's still pretty convenient. I also thought their numbered cups were a really cute idea!

I had to wait a bit to order, because I wanted a chicken sandwich and sandwiches are only available from 1130. Still, the sandwich was well worth the wait. Although I usually don't like salad greens (I usually pick them out or make a special order), they went so well with the chicken and dressing that I finished my entire sandwich! All in all, it was a pleasant visit and I look forward to going down again to try their other offerings.

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