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#02-22A Jurong Point 1 Jurong West Central 2 Singapore 648886
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Listing created by slushie on March 07, 2013    

EspreSOUP is a small, casual eatery that is best known for serving their soups in a hearty bread bowl. Apart from soups, they also serve a range of pasta, salads and quesadillas.

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Jurong Point
The Star Vista


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Why are all soup-specialized cafes so lousy

This place is a meh.

I really like Western soups and I am trying very hard to lower my expectations so I came here trying to make it work. Did it? No!

I came here with a date and I chose a clam chowder to be safe so that I didn't need to put on my "oh hey no no no the food's great because you are here" jam but I did need it in the end.

The soup was infertile. What a terribly wrong word to use but it's so terrible my head is in a jam. Let me fix it - it was distasteful, bland, a sorry creation, general blergh.

I tried as much pepper as I could and tried to take spoonfuls first with the seafood bits then without but nothing could make it work. My date ordered a safe mushroom soup and he seemed to be having a reasonably good time so maybe you could try that.

I'll never come back though.

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It has its own merits!!

I used to think of EspresSOUP as an inferior wannabe of The Soup Spoon. Indeed, it was solely because of this prejudice that I spent more than a year passing it by in Jurong Point, invariably casting it a condescending glance as I walked away.

It was only a month ago, when I was truly desperate to try something new in Jurong Point, that I reluctantly decided to give it a go, at my sister's recommendation. I tried their special, a curry and apple soup, with slight skepticism. It sounded like a really unusual combination, something that The Soup Spoon will probably never come up with. Hence along this warped line of thought, I believed my choice could not be interpreted as a betrayal of my hitherto one and only beloved source of quality western soup.

Well. All I can say was that I was really impressed. Not only was the soup really interesting and good, EspresSOUP was commendably generous with the ingredients, especially the chicken pieces, quite unlike... ahem. I was pleasantly surprised by the many tender pieces of chicken. Their butter buns were also delightful. They were served warm and tasted really good on their own. When dipped into the soup, the entire combination was just mouth-watering.

I also ordered a half chicken quesadilla as part of a meal and let's just say I prefer it to the sides offered at The Soup Spoon.

As a finishing statement for this review, I have to say, "To the first shop which introduced me to western soup, I'm sorry for switching camps."

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