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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 13, 2012    

At Jacob's Cafe, we try to recreate that nostalgic era with the old world cuisine that appeals to families and couples yearning to relive those days of the romantic past. Come to Changi Village not just for a memorable dining experience at our Cafe. Come also to appreciate the rustic and idyllic charm of Changi Village.

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Jacob's Cafe - a trip to memory lane

My family and I are Changi Village foodies and have tried most of the restaurants there and we like Jacob's cafe for the cosy ambience, the friendly staff and good western food served. We were there only once and it left a lasting impression.

Their menu features all the Western food favourites, fried chicken, fish and chips, and a must try is the German pork knuckles. We ordered this and were not disappointed. Crisp suckling skin with hot piping tender moist flesh... this dish will play havoc with your arteries, but the taste makes it one of the best items on the menu .One order is good for 2 to 3 persons, you tend to get a bit "jelak" after a while.

The cafe itself has an old world charm, checked tableclothes, warm tea lights at each table, and a woody interior that brings back memories of old British pubs. Conversations were generally muted, making dining there a very pleasant experience.

The other entertaining experience was watching the succession of planes landing, each time a plane appeared, we would try and guess from the logo which airlines it belonged to.

After dinner, a stroll along the Coastal Walk was a way to work off the excesses of the meal we had. This is one place we will definitely return to.

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