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#01-04 Thomson Imperial Court 200 Upper Thomson Road Singapore 574424
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Listing created by rockinruth on February 09, 2013    

This little café serves mini pancakes, both savoury and sweet, with a wide selection of complements. Nutella and ice-cream, scrambled eggs and glazed sausages, even local favourites kaya and chendol. Every set of about ten mini pancakes comes with maple syrup and butter. Usual opening hours as stated. Closed on Tuesdays, open on Saturdays from 11am - 11pm and on Sundays from 11am - 9pm.

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Novelty makes it more attractive

I tried this place sometime ago, and left feeling rather satisfied as I was well-satiated and the food was rather value-for-money. I went with friends so we ordered both sweet and savoury dishes to share, thinking that if we ordered too much of one type we would end up feeling sick of both. If I'm not wrong, I ordered a ham and cheese set, while my other friends ordered sausage and cheese, oreo, and strawberry sets. The food took a rather long time to arrive as compared to other cafes but it was indicated that this was due to the fact that they made each individual mini pancake from scratch.
When the dishes finally arrived, they were presented impressively, and we spent a while scrambling for our phones to capture the photogenic food.

It was evident that the staff spent no small amount of effort making sure that every plate was presentable; from stacking up the mini pancakes such that not a single one deviated from the stack to meticulously placing the mini sausages and ham slices atop each stack. Did the taste reflect the presentation? Well I would say not really, as the ingredients themselves were pretty standard ones. The pancakes were forgettable-perheaps the taste of the condiments such as the maple syrup served along with it rather overshadowed the taste of the pancakes themselves.

I would strongly recommend visiting this cafe with a few friends so that you can order a mixture of sweet and savoury sets, as they really balance out each other and you leave having tried a wider variety.

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Bite-sized Happiness

A friend and I stumbled upon Little Pancakes at Upper Thomson Road one night while looking for an ice cream parlor that had, unfortunately, already closed down. And so, we decided to settle here instead, not really expecting much.

Once we entered the outlet, we were immediately greeted by the friendly staff. The interior had a rustic vibe. The chairs and tables were dark wood and the walls were covered with frames bearing witty sayings. It was also nice to see the care put into the menu. With an 'Asian' section bearing pancake sets like 'Singaporeans Unite!’ and ‘Just Butter and Sugar Lah!’, what’s not to love?

I ended up ordering ‘Mr. Bean Turns Red’, a green tea and red bean pancake set. They were really generous with the little pancakes, and together with the red beans and matcha ice cream, it was a delightful mix of flavours.

Little Pancakes really exceeded our expectations. I would definitely want to visit again in the future! Preferably for breakfast. But any other time of the day is great too.

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Upper Thomson
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Good things come from small pancakes

Went there some weeks ago and had the nutella pancakes. The pancakes were delicious as were all the little details they added (syrup, chocolate sauce, biscuits. etc.) to put together the plate. Definitely a great place to go to satisfy any sugar craving.

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Nutella and pancakes.
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Who said pancakes had to be huge to be good?

Chanced upon here on the web and hunted this place down though Thomson is rather inaccessible for me. The place was a rather small one, decorated beautifully and cutely with little designs and pictures to entice customers. It was an open kitchen where not much cooking was done. Not to be judgemental, but the cooks don't really look professional at all, they look merely like home cooks just venturing out with amatuerish skills. Now don't go all bad on me. I must actually applaud them for their courage to take the plunge into the food sector to service customers like me who find fault for no reason. (I'm sorry ya?)

Okay on to the food. The ham and cheese one was the best. And up till now I can still taste it in my mouth. The sweet pancakes were the better ones out of the whole lot as most of the savory ones tasted very premade, like their hotdogs and all, frozen ones just pieced up with pancakes they flipped fresh on their griddle. The matcha sweet cakes were soo good. The matcha ice cream had a strong hint of matcha which is a good thing, paired with the pancakes, we were in sugar and carbo coma.

All in all, it is a rather nice place to have a casual meal with your friends to enjoy the messiness of communal dining. But if you're looking to impress a date or someone important, i would suggest you hop off somewhere up ahead the road.

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(Updated: February 09, 2013)

they may be small but the stacks are tall

The day my friend and I decided to try Little Pancakes, we actually met an hour early because we hadn't checked the opening hours beforehand. Still, it was well worth the wait! The teeny pancakes here are adorable, and their presentation is just about perfect. Even though I wasn't exactly looking forward to it, the minute the plate was laid before me, I couldn't wait to dig in.

I managed to finish the entire serving - the plate was totally clean by the time I was done, even though at Strictly Pancakes I found the three-pancake portion far too big, without enough sauce to eat it with. Perhaps it's psychological, since ten mini pancakes probably amounts to about the same, but I found the portion just right. They even provided me with strawberry chunks, sauce and yoghurt; vanilla ice-cream; and maple syrup and butter all at once! The strawberry combination went extremely well together, as did my friend's chocolatey combo.

The decor was cute and simple, and the place wasn't too crowded. The service staff were very accomodating although I stayed there for a good one or two hours afterwards, just folding origami and helping myself to the free water (in jugs behind, self-service) like the typical 'cheapskate' Singaporean that I am. This is one place I'll definitely visit again!

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