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The Foothills 70 River Valley Road Singapore 179037
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 15, 2012    

Pretty new in the cafe scene, the FBB has been creating waves. Not only do they feature a menu of hot food, they are also popular for their sweets and bakes that they churn out from the kitchen. 

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Delicious Cake!

Happened to saw lady ironchef post of the fabulous baker boy on Instagram and decided to go one day. My friend and I were there during the non-peak hours and I could say, I liked the quiet environment. There is nothing around this district. It is located at the Fort Canning Park and directly opposite liang court. Initially, I thought it was easily to find but could not find any café opposite liang court. Then, I realised we have to walk in the park. (Turn right after you enter, you will be able to see it).

“Baker Boy” gives me the impression of delicious and good-looking desserts in their store and I immediately checked it out the moment we found it. We ordered their triple chocolate cake, sparkling juices and artisan teas. Yummy cake! It is so rich and moist despite the fact that it is not so sweet. Only remembered their cakes as it gave me a deep impression. Knowing that their red velvet flavour are one the signature cakes, I ordered their cupcakes for takeaway. My siblings, who tasted it, love it too. (recommend this!!)

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Red Velvet
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Red Velvet Cake

Came to FBB when I was around Clarke Quay, and admittedly got lost and almost gave up the search. They say that it is opposite Liang Court; it is opposite, but you have to cross the road and you essentially reach the foot of Fort Canning Park.

I was seated outside the restaurant with my friend at one of the bigger lounge space facing out. It is quite a different experience from the usual since we sat out and the place was relatively quiet, and you look out to the opposite street (Liang Court) which was more bustling. Quite a refreshing experience.

We got the Red Velvet Cake which was really good, the chiffon cake was soft and moist and the cream cheese cream was very light. I didn't realised it was cream cheese until I almost finished it. It was the first red velvet that I've tried and it made a good first impression. Unfortunately, there were only choice of around 5 different cakes when we enter the FBB and we didnt get other cakes to try on.

I love how they serve the water in a large glass jug which you would have to pour the water into the cups yourself, but I thought it is really interesting and I like it. You no longer have to ask the staff to refill your water and that saves you the awkwardness and time.

Might return for the red velvet cake or try the others if I'm in the vicinity but I wouldn't go specially for it. It is too much of a hassle.

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fried chicken with waffflesssss


Am I supposed to gush about their cakes instead?

But what caught my heart more was their fried chicken with waffles. Yes, it's essentially fried chicken, yes, atop waffles, yes, drizzled with maple syrup. Yes, sweet and salty works.

I've always wanted to try this american famous dish. And tadah, I finally found it! Even though it's quite pricey at 22 per dish.

The fried chicken was fried to a crisp and was covered in golden brown crispy batter, sitting atop a waffle, hiding a pat of butter and scoop of coleslaw. Somebody's gotta hit the gym aye.

We got their garlic fries which honestly in my humble opinion, was. ZEE. BOMB.
Okay, probably cos i haven't tried House's fries. But I feel their fries packed a punch.

Okay on to their sweets.
My eating buds commented that it was not bad but not jaw-dropping-ly good, and further commented that my bakes were better *blushblush*

Hahaha, to each his own. Whatever it is, they do deserve a try!

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Mouthwatering cakes, get ready to drool

On my journey to the FBB, I got lost multiple times because many sites clearly stated that the FBB is "Opposite Liang Court" but to my dismay, I couldn't find the cafe there! Google maps was of no help. Finally, when I found the FBB, it was actually at the foothills of Fort Canning Park and the nearest MRT station was Clarke Quay.

Despite the exhausting search, I really had a great time at this spacious and well-lit cafe. As I went on a weekday, the place was not very crowded and I managed to get a seat in the air-conditioned part of the cafe. The weather was blistering hot and I absolutely refused to sit outside (For those who don't mind, there are ceiling fans to cool those brave customers).

My friend and I ordered the Triple Chocolate Cake ($7), Carribean Lemon Slice Cake and Ad Fab Red Velvet Cake ($8.50). Their red velvet cake was surprisingly good and it remained the best one of its kind I've had thus far. Otherwise, the other cakes I've tried were fantastic and I wish I had the stomach space to try more. The FBB do offer main dishes but unfortunately, they weren't available by the time I arrived at the cafe.

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Good quality cakes at decent prices
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Red velvet cupcakes!

From the name of the shop, you would probably have guessed it right - they specialize in baked goods and their baked goods are indeed fabulous! Kudos to the baker boy :) They serve a range of food, not only baked goods like cakes and bread so there are definitely choices for those of you who are looking for something more filling and hot. I went there to try their homemade cakes which my friend raved about. I am a red velvet fan and having tried many red velvets from popular cafes, I conclude that I am ending my search for the perfect red velvet. This is a red carpet worthy red velvet cake.

I ordered a slice of red velvet cupcake, a slice of red velvet cake and a nutty monkey cake. Both the red velvet cakes did not disappoint. It was so rich with chocolate inside out. The frosting on the cupcake was so smooth you won't be able to feel the texture of the sugar granules. It wasn't overly sweet as well. It matches so well with the cupcake. The nutty monkey cake is a banana coconut cake and it is indeed unique for I have never seen such a cake elsewhere. I ordered it partially because of its cute name as well. The area here is al fresco and not air conditioned. The al fresco setting adds an element of relaxation and sets it apart from the usual cafes and cake places out there. Highly recommend all of you to give this place a try!

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red velvet cakes
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Home sweet home

If you're looking for a new place to chill and get away from the bustling city and all mundane work, this is it! Love the open concept and simple layout of FBB. You're never too far from nature, your chilled cider and those yummy sides! The place simply makes you feel home. Pick up a pen and enjoy some silly moments of random doodling.

FBB not only runs ceramic classes, it also puts up the handicrafts and artworks of local budding artists.

For non-drivers, you can conveniently drop at NE5 - Clarke Quay station and enjoy the short walk over to FBB.

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