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Pan Pacific services suites, #01-01 96 Somerset Road Singapore
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 14, 2012    

They were founded because of their love for good, quality coffee. Oriole coffee sells a range of gourmet coffees and features a menu of sweets and savory mains. 

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For Coffee and Confections

One fine day after CNY, my dear Ka-Cheng (no not my butt, my Cousin) told me that he was going to bring me out for a date. A scrumptious dinner at an enchanting setting in town or maybe MBS.

I was like, okay! Wait WHAT? Scrumptious, enchanting, town?? Did he finally go bonkers after studying all that Law or is he scheming something. Doubtful me decided to interrogate him. I didn't pick up on anything suspicious, he was like a blank book and besides I know he loves me... right?

Settled on the conclusion that my beloved Ka-Cheng has finally grown up. He's finally acting like the older cousin he ought to be.

So off I was decked up in clothes i deemed worthy for town and there I was at Oriole. Passed by this eatery a couple of time but I've never stepped foot in it before. The surrounding was surprisingly romantic I would say. Dimmed lights, snuggly-feel and really cordial service crews.

One of the female crew gave me a really good recommendation for a non-alcoholic beverage. Didn't felt like getting myself giddy infront of my cousin. It was sweet, fizzy and special, just the way I had described it to her. This place is famous for its coffee and my cousin got himself one. I didn't really enjoy the mains because I couldn't appreciate beef cheeks. For fans for beef cheeks, head to Oriole.

I was however, utterly bewitched by its chocolate-fugde cake. THICK and chocolatey(Duh) it was! It didn't taste like it was overloaded with sugar but rather loads of authentic rich coca beans. Thoroughly enjoyed it and I can't wait to go back for more!

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I came here recently for a class get-together. Some of my friends were late, and the waitress didn't take our orders until everyone was present. As the group was rather big, and my friend had made reservations beforehand, we were seated outside the restaurant, which was okay because still shaded and cool. However, it was quite noisy since there were other surrounding restaurants around.

After an acceptable waiting time, the food arrived. I ordered a beef spaghetti dish and found it to be quite ordinary, although the price was quite steep. I guess for a place such as this, in the heart of town, prices can rise. My friends were also not impressed with their orders, and some didn't even finish them. Also to note, we were not served water until one of my friends felt the urge to drink 3/4 into her meal, and only then did the waitress serve us water. All of us initially thought that the water there wasn't free, so we didn't bother asking. I wished they had served us water as we were waiting for guests to arrive, it only seemed right.

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(Updated: December 24, 2012)

Good food but way too expensive.

The food is generally very good but overpriced. Watch what you order or you might end up spending over 80 dollars on just two main courses and dessert, which I think is way too much. Online blog posts rave about their beef cheek spaghetti, so the first time I was there, I had that. The beef cheeks came in huge, tender slices. While they were really nice to chew on and smooth on the tongue, it was somewhat too gamey for me. Steak and/or beef lovers who like their cow done rare so that every slice of their cow reveals pinkish flesh still oozing with blood will love the beef cheeks. But I'm not one of those people and don't appreciate the slightest hint of blood in my food. So my enjoyment of the beef cheeks was only up to a certain point. The pasta itself was rich and flavourful, but whatever made it so (some alcohol or red wine perhaps), also proved rather cloying for me; there was only so much of the richness I could take. I managed to finish my food though. But I didn't like it very much; perhaps my kiddy palate can't take it. So I think this dish is more suited for more sophisticated palates than mine.

I would recommend their fish and chips though. The fish was fresh and flaky and moist enough on the inside, and I enjoyed the crisp beer batter. Instead of the regular fries, they served potato wedges, which were well done too, adequately salted, crisp on the outside, and fluffy inside.

Depending on what kind of ambience you prefer, the time of the day you come matters. If you want some quiet, come on a weekday morning or afternoon. If you love the noisy bar environment, come at night.

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