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Listing created by eunicelxh on December 14, 2012    

Situated at 64A Prinsep Street, Hungry Chimps is an initiative by Play Nation to feed the comfort food needs of the modern ape. With a wide array of delicious grub, the selection at Hungry Chimps is sure to satisfy even the pickiest eater. In fact, there's a good choice of beer and on weekends, there's also live soccer being screened. So come on down to Hungry Chimps and have a swingin' good time!

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Average food with barely there service

Located at the second floor of a shophouse, one enters through a narrow staircase. The cafe is quite cute looking with the cute monkey pictures on the wall. I felt like a child looking at the monkey soft toy on the rocking horse. I just felt like sitting on the rocking horse. Although the place is not big, there is not much customers around, just 6 customers - a group of 4 playing board games and another of 2 aunties chit chatting away.

There is a huge TV set but is not turned on as it was spoiled. There were some books available for reading on the shelf. Their menu was written with chalk on the wall. I selected the sofa bench and regretted my choice. I sank all the way down and was barely able to keep my head above the table. I had to add another pillow to slightly increase my height.

Ice/ Hot Chocolate ($7)
Not as thick as I prefer. A bit watered down.

King Kong Breakfast ($18)
Triple stacked pancakes, quarter pounder beef patty, sautéed mushroom, bacon strips & truffle fries, served with Hollandise sauce & vinaigrette greens.
Serving is quite huge. The patty is a bit too dry. The fries smells great but tastes dry and hard.

Honey Chicken with Sour Cream ($16)
Japanese Yuzu marinated chicken, grilled potatoes, served with bacon, sour cream, and chives.
Cannot taste any unique flavour of Yuzu or honey on the chicken. The potatoes are a bit too charred.

Overall the food is average. Service is slow and we waited quite awhile for food and bill.

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Reasonably Priced Weekday Set Lunches!

Met up with a friend for lunch at this place since she's working around in this area, and we were happy to know that they serve set lunches priced at about $7.90-9.90++ with mains such as pork chops, fish and chips, grilled chicken pasta and the like. These sets come with a choice of juice or soft drink as well. We really weren't expecting much because such prices for a bistro at Dhoby Ghaut is considered reallyyy cheap. The food was decent, and woah, they even used truffle oil to cook their grilled chicken pasta. The truffle smell was really distinct and I think it was honestly the first time I've eaten a grilled chicken pasta cooked in truffle oil. It was good, and makes your lunch set even more a steal.

The cafe had lush green sofas and I felt like collapsing into a snoozing heap the moment I saw it. Unfortunately, it isn't leveled at a comfortable height to the table and my friend & I both felt kinda of stupid sitting that way. We ended up shifting our seating positions a few times around the table from the sofas to the proper chairs.

Overall, though, a place I would recommend. You have to check out their super value-for-money lunch sets if you're in the region.

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I was disappointed with my visit to Hungry Chimps, especially so since my expectations have been raised after hearing all the raves about it.

The place was understaffed, I was there on a Tuesday evening and there was only one waiter serving a crowd of about 20pax. The food took a good half an hour to arrive despite the restaurant being only at half of its full capacity. There's nothing worth shouting about regarding the food. In all honestly, the only good point was that the calamari rings that we ordered did not taste like rubber, that is a feat to me. The other dishes we tried were simply meh (colloquial for unremarkable). .

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A cafe made just for me

I chanced upon this extremely cute cafe when I could'nt get a seat at strictly pancakes just beside. Firstly captured by the unique name, my friend and i trudged up the stairs and entered into a homely room lined with cute monkey pictures on the walls.

My friend and i decided to go for the triple brat stack, which is a triple pancake combo with salad and sausages and hash browns and a chocolate lava cake that came with ice cream on the side. The first bite into the pancake was heavenly. It was amazing, the fluffiness was just nice and the maple syrup was heavenly. the has browns were also cooked to perfection being crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The lava cake did not disappoint me either. It was , however, too rich to be eaten by one person alone.

Since then, It has become one of my favourite hangouts in town. Because the food is value for money and totally worth it.

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the pancakes
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Nice western cuisine with quiet ambience!

I went there because many other eateries had long queues but Hungry Chimp was rather empty. The quiet ambience at night makes it very suitable for romantic dates or heart to heart talks over there. It is not very convenient and accessible but if you often go Playnation like me, you must have tried Hungry Chimps food.

The fish and chips i tried was pretty good but the serving was too huge for me. I only finished half the fish. I ordered garden veggies for my side but to my horror, I really felt that I was eating vegetables plucked fresh from the garden (tasteless or bitter). Though rather empty, food took quite a while to come (20 minutes). Their fries are nice!

I would definitely suggest Hungry Chimps if you want to find a quiet place to eat and also get to try affordable and tasty food.

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