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Listing created by bxbong on November 22, 2012    

V8 Cafe is a little western cafe which strives to provide both a variety of affordable and quality western and fusion cuisine.

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It was good but...

It's gone. Apparently, the restaurant was renovated or redecorated into what is now known as The Platypus Kitchen. But I shall review about what I loved about this place.

The food was great and priced at a standard casual dining restaurant pricing. I particularly recall years ago, some time in 2008, I ordered V8's beef lasagne and it was really good. The beef was tender, the sauce was so flavourful, the cheese was so generous... Loved every bite! In a more 'recent' visit (last year or the year before?), I ordered their rosti dish which came along with a large sausage. Loved that too.

Today, unfortunately, V8 Cafe is closed, but fret not, for The Platypus Kitchen has decent pastas, and even has some dishes taken from V8's menu! So if you're lucky, the dish you loved when you tried it previously at V8 might be in Platypus' new menu!

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It's still there?

I recall frequently V8 Cafe a few years back, with each visit deteriorating in the quality of service and food. Eventually, it had reached a point whereby I felt that it was just not worth it to visit this cafe anymore.

I had aways gone for their fish and chips previously. However, during my last visit, their fish and chips tasted pretty awful and then I had no reason to return to the cafe since other western restaurants were able to offer better food at the same price. There was also a change in their interior and I couldn't appreciate the concept of projecting old movies on the screens. It had set sort of an odd ambience and it was not comfortable enough for me to chat with my friends.

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Resonable price for the type of food

One of my favorite dinning place in Bugis junction, away from the crowd and enjoy a moment of peace with some flashbacks of old movies.

Nothing really fantastic about the western food, seriously average and the price is still considered reasonable. Like to visit this place as it’s located in a quiet corner and after a day of shopping, you need to find a place to just enjoy your meal in comfort.

Service level is also acceptable just that you do get some service staffs who are always ‘busy’ and pretend not to see you at times. But I guess such issues are getting too frequent everywhere nowadays till it no long seems to be a major problem.

They’ve been improving their menu selection over the year which is a good thing as consumers will have more selections each visit.

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Of love and really good food

I came here for one of my sweeter dates, honestly expecting lousy food fare and ready to put on my “oh of course darling, the food is great and I love you and I love this place thank you for the date” jam but as it turned out, I didn’t need it that night.

V8 had a line. V8 always have a line. We waited outside and I looked through the menu pretty unimpressed but keeping a straight face. My date laughed and told me there’s only one set here worth the visit and left the menu back at the stand. Much as I love making my own decisions, I decided to be lazy and let him do it.

Greatest decision ever.

He ordered a V8 Special for the both of us and god was I in sweet, culinary heaven.

Imagine a piece of chicken (it gets more appetizing I swear) grilled to perfection with a sprinkle of salt and pepper, cheddar cheese generously melted over it, creamy mushroom (at least I think it’s mushroom) sauce by a graceful ladle and finally impeccably paired with thick fries nothing short of Swenson’s delight.

I loved it.

I rarely finish my food because I am apparently not the intended savior to African kids but the point is, this was one meal I gladly finished. I came back subsequently with friends who are bad decision makers and orders spaghetti and whatnots, only to have them pushing their plates away and irritably watching me enjoy my V8 Special again and again and again.

I will never stray. And you shouldn’t too. Stick to the special.

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Their specialty dish
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affordable western food!

I used to dine here with my friends after a long day of shopping at Bugis! It was a highly affordable restaurant, in comparison with its nearby competitors. It was a casual dining restaurant with colourful menus and funky dish names. i remember spending half the time laughing away at the silly names with my friends. There was a television broadcasting movies too, when we weren't chatting away, the meal table was silent and all eyes was on the television.

The price ranged from $8 - $20 for western main courses. Desserts were at $3-$6. I have tried the chicken chop, spaghetti and fried chicken wings. Taste was above average and the portion was GOOD! Large enough for a big eater like me! Double the plus points!

Although the atmosphere seemed casual the furnishing was rather classy and romantic with deep hues of purple and maroon around the restaurant. The restaurant was spacious, HUGE in fact., and it was barely half- filled. Not surprisingly, it took some effort to get the attention of the waiters who were idling at the cashier area but there were friendly and nice.

Loved that place! To my regret, the outlet at Bugis Junction was recently converted to a more upscale version but still under the same company.....

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Bugis Junction
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