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Listing created by Strome on October 10, 2012    

Sal Happy Salads is an FnB business start up that began by operating in student run cafes in SMU. In the past 2 years it catered solely to busy students who have back to back classes from morning to afternoon. These students rarely have time to have proper lunches in the short 15 minutes between class, so they either go hungry, or they eat cheese tofu and curry puffs during their mid class breaks. Sal Happy was designed to be a healthy alternative for these students. 

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10am - 6pm daily
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< $10


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Best Health Food

Awesome place -

Was introduced to this place by a friend - quite skeptical at first as I've never been one for "heathy foods", especially hated brown rice but their brown rice sushis are pretty epic. Their salads are also pretty epic with new sauce invention once in a while.

Props to them for making health food more palatable to the general public!

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I personally do not like brown rice and healthy food, thus I have only ordered soba from sal salad before.

Their soba set is rather different from the ones I have tried before. They don't serve the usual soba sauce which are salty. Instead, theirs is more of a sour and sweet kind which is healthier I guess :) I usually do not eat tofu but Sal's tofu always taste fresh, soft and chilled. I love their minced meat which are a little salty, perfect to be eaten with the soba.

I find it rather pricey but would be worth it if you are looking for a healthier and convenient choice in school. Also, I would prefer it if they serve cha soba (green tea soba) instead.

Overall, it is a convenient fix especially when pressed for time or eating in class.

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(Updated: January 24, 2013)

Never enjoyed a brown rice meal more!

Even though I must admit that this is my friend's establishment but after trying the food I had to say I was a convert regarding brown rice. The brown rice with tofu is my favourite dish. A simply light and refreshing meal that fulfills all your daily dietary needs and yet keeps you full.

I was never a fan of brown rice before as it always tasted like dried grass but Sal Happy Salad's recipe did wonders to this lesser liked cousin of white rice. 2 thumbs up for this unique healthy fare! I highly recommend popping by when you are around City Hall for this affordable healthy meal!

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Brown Rice & Tofu
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SMU Admin Building
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True to Its Word- Healthy!

The healthiest option in the vicinity; it's no wonder why people would turn to them despite it being slightly overpriced.

Each set is pre-packaged and chilled, ensuring its efficiency in delivering the food, food quality and hygiene. One set contains half a container of pure brown rice, with 2 side dishes. Side dishes include sweet chicken, tofu. egg mayo. Portions are fairly distributed albeit a tad meagre. Would be much more filling if portions are more generous. That being said, the sauce that is externally packaged really enhances the rice!

Great for a quick bite or a post-workout meal! No need to worry about queues!

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