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Listing created by Iswariya on September 17, 2012    

Leonardo’s Place is located along East Coast Road, just opposite Roxy Square shopping centre. There are many similar competitors vying for the wallets of hungry diners such as the iconic Katong Laksa and the fast-growing Aston's restaurant along this stretch. Leonardo's claim to fame is in their sauce, in which they marinate their chicken and ribs for a duration of 18 - 24 hours. 

There's also an added advantage of visiting Leonardo's... Their salad bar! Their free flow salad bar is generously filled with fresh green and other nutritious bites , suitable for a balanced diet with the main course of your choice. 

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Bad food.

I bought a voucher on for this place. To put it simply, I wish I hadn't.

I found the place to be totally than what they'd advertised on the website. It's a little eatery that can hardly be called a restaurant. daunted, but still we went in. When our order of cream of mushroom came, we put it away after just a couple of sips. It was watered down to the extent that it tasted horrid! The ribs which we ordered clearly lacked their supposed "24-hour" marination as claimed.

The only saving grace in the entire experience was their salad bar. It didn't have anything much, but at least the veggies were fresh. Most of our dinner was spent crunching green peppers and swallowing stale pieces of meat.

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Totally different from deals

By chance I saw a deal online from Leonardo’s place pte ltd with regards to the saving of food that I could get if I purchase it online. Tempted by the discount, I bought 2 deals. Being unfamiliar with the east side of Singapore, my mum bought me to this place. The moment I saw the signboard, the place is not as what I’ve expected. I thought that the place is kind of cozy and have the café feel but it’s not. To my astonishment, I feel as though it is a coffee shop with some new tables and a small area with salad bar. There isn’t much decoration on the shop too.

Though the salad at the salad bar is kind of fresh, it’s located directly in front of the cashier and there aren’t much people who dare to top-up their salad after eating. We are only offered 2 choice of meat and it’s kind of disappointing that it doesn’t look like those from the deal online. There’s also additional charges of drinks if we want when my coupon have the unlimited drinks. Feel kind of being scam that time that I won’t want to patronize this shop anymore. *Won’t really recommend it*.

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