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Listing created by Iswariya on October 18, 2012    

Founded in 2000 as a joke-sharing forum, TalkingCock garnered millions of views and nearly 100 000 members. has had the honour of being debated about in Parliament! 


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A chance to take it easy and relax

It is not everyday that you bump into a website nonsensical in its entirety, and completely meets the description. Nondescript in general as to its web design, you'll find that the captions and articles dominate the site, as the writers seek creative ways to twist existing stories around to a hilarious point of view.

It used to be my main source of amusement (I know right, you guys are judging me for not having any life), especially after a stressful day in school when I just want to forget about the looming exams and just unwind. What I liked about the site was (as I mentioned), the way the site's writers twist daily stories in the news into snesational humour. Take for example, them wishing a happy new year (everyone's doing it) and going apolitical on it (what).

Their frequent use of Singlish gives their products a comfortable, lazing at home feel. And their fearless, blatant ribs at important institutions in Singapore makes you wonder at their audacity.

Though the website has gone dormant for a few years now, it is a wonderful reminder of the hilarious yester-years.

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A good reference site

If you are writing a Singapore book or Singapore article and want to add a little flavour of Singapore, this is a good reference site.

Check out the Coxford Singlish Dictionary, it will help you understand what we Singaporeans are talking. I just found that the words captured in this dictionary are not complete enough. If they opened up the web site to be something like Wikipedia where fellow Singaporeans can add on to the vocabulary, then it may be more fun.

It's a bit sad that something so Singapore is no longer active. It may be due to the slow loading time of the pages. I just visited the web site and navigation between the pages took too long.

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Insist on the original "cock"...

Before "gahmen bashing" became fashionable there was These guys do it with style.

Satire is an artform and talkingcock are very good at their art. The only drawback is that the site seems to be rather old and has not been really updated content wise in years. Still, what is still there makes very, very entertaining reading.

The site is written in Singaporean Creole, what the government would like to term Singlish, Frowned upon and derided like a bastard puppy, Singlish has it's own character and research by linguists have unearthed that Singlish actually has a grammar (surprise,surprise)!

Read the jokes; go through the Coxford dictionary, learn Singlish words and phrases by heart, you will walk away enlightened.

One word of caution though, this is a satirical site, so please read everything with a pinch of salt. You want "gahmen approved" propaganda? Go to channelnewsasia or straitstimes interactive. That should satisfy you.

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Good for a coupla laughs!

I love their articles and jokes spoofing Singapore current affairs!

TalkingCock's ability to provide satirical commentary and ability to poke fun at local news and issues is their signature and boy do they do it well! Everything on their website is laced with local slang and lingo. I feel that this kind of humour is needed in a place like Singapore where people have a tendency to take themselves a little too seriously.

However, please do read their articles with a pinch of salt, as people who are not used to their kind of writing may initially be put off. Endure a little more, you'll find that numerous Singaporeans who contribute to this website are actually a jolly lot!

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