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241 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, The Village Jurong Hill Singapore 629143
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Malcolm Baey
Listing created by Malcolm Baey on March 20, 2012    

A Total New Experience for Your Relaxation & a unique Family Outing! Prawn Fishing at one of the Singapore's Biggest Outdoor Ponds. Come enjoy a fun filled prawn fishing aka prawning experience! Escape the urban rush with the whole family, and enjoy a cold beverage or beer in the 'true' beer garden, surrounded by greenery. Watch ''Live'' Barclay Premier League on our BIG Screen. Free Wireless Broadband Access and Free usage of the BBQ pit for prawning customers and much more.......... Rent a fishing rod or bring your personal one and catch your own live prawns, barbeque them on the spot or take your live catch home.

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Weekday Opening Hours:
24hours daily
Entrance Fees:
1 Hour - $15.00
2 Hours - $25.00
3 Hours - $30.00
10 Hours - $90.00
Price Range
  • $10-$20
  • $20-$30


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Death by Hook

All in all, my time here was not a bad experience - it was fun trying to catch the prawns (I realised I was quite good at catching the prawns, to be honest), but personally, I found it very difficult to reel the prawns in. My friends had no difficulty, however, so it was probably just my lack of hand-eye coordination, maybe?

Baiting the prawns requires you to hook a teeny piece of raw meat (provided at the counter) to the hook. You need to attach it by hand, so some of the ladies out there might be slightly squeamish. Bring some gloves if you're very particular about hygiene!

The horrible part is when you have to pull the hook out of the prawns after you catch them. I swear, you can almost hear the prawns screaming at the top of their tiny voices. :( I didn't find the taste of the prawns to be very good either, post-BBQ (there are BBQ pits there for you to grill the prawns and have it on the spot).

So at the end of the day, I concluded that the fun that went into it was just not worth the mental torture I had to go through when I saw my friends pull the hook out of the prawns (it was just too cruel, I couldn't perform the task myself). If you have less of a tendency to empathize, this activity could just be fun enough for you.

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Best part:
Baiting the prawn
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Family get-aways

What better place and activity for a family to gather together after a busy week.

Personally, prawning has been a part of my childhood since primary school, occasionally my father would order around to prepare food and materials to spent a good night prawning and eating your own catch. Though it's been some time since I went there after I got busy with my own studies, but I would definitely want to go back there again.

Though of course, there are also areas of improvement. You will find that the washroom over there are quite unhygienic and repulsive, BUT there is this small shopping mall or whatever you call, that also have a washroom and it's only a stone's throw away. It's decent and maintained regularly.

We get tips from the experts there on how to prawn, and at the end of the day, it was a really fun-filled and eventful day as we would battle prawns (their pincers are really painful!), and spent family time together.

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will not come back here again

Coming to this place to hang-out at night, was a very very bad and silly choice on my part. It was a bad first impression of the whole prawning idea as well.

Firstly, it is hardly accessible and the fact that most people only come prawning at night, accessibility is very important. By the time we got there, it was quite late and packed with people. It was hard for us to find an area spacious for all 6 of us to sit down. After quite some time, we finally did. We went to purchase the essentials needed. Bait, strings and rod. Tip: Rent the rod for the longest timing available. Do not go by the hour and increase it by hour. Your wallet will protest.

The worst part was when we only caught 6 prawns the whole night after spending 5 or more hours. It was so frustrating as the string snapped every time we caught a prawn and obviously the prawn will fall back into the pond together with the string. To get a new string costs FIVE DOLLARS. So imagine how bad my heart ached when I hear the string snap. Not only did the prawn escaped. My $5 escaped as well. Of course, at the end of everything, we did not even bother grilling the prawns. Our mood was ruined. It is safe to say that each of us spent around $20-$30 just replacing the broken strings as we were quite determined to get something out from the pond.

What a waste of money and time. Would have went to a pub or stayed at home instead. Didn't help that the place was full of mosquitoes and had dirty and smelly toilets. Will never go back there again no matter what.

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Prawn Fishing !

The Jurong hill prawn fishing is the place to be with your children! Young kids these days simply love fishing and wouldn’t it be a good experience to expose them to such activities. Not only does it seeks the attention of kids, even young adults these days like to visit the place to get themselves relieved out of stress from their day to day lives.
I must admit that it is a pretty nice place to go to. Shelters are provided therefore, there is no need to worry about weather conditions. A good place to be for a wet weather programme. However, some people might prefer a scorching sun to do fishing. Each individual has their own personal preference.

Everything is provided for there. You could rent a rod for an hour or two; some dead see hum (cockles) or fresh meat will be given to you as bait with a small knife and plate for you to arrange your baits. You can select a nice spot yourself and start fishing!
Indeed, prawn catching is pretty exciting! Basically all those that you manage to catch are yours for a treat. How much you are charged is dependent on how long you intend to stay there.

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