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NIE is a national teacher training institute in Singapore. Singapore education system has been referred to as one of the most successful educational systems in the world.


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A Specialisation

I went to NIE to find out more about its enrolment requirement and other career paths other than being a school teacher and I am really amazed by the stories and experiences shared by both current NIE students as well as the professors.

I am still contemplating if I should take up this profession as there are many other courses out there that attract me as well. However, I am more keen into teaching as I find that teaching is a really meaningful job where you can really pass on your knowledge to your students.

I also will feel more worth it for the many years of education that I received as I know that all my experiences and knowledge that I have gained will definitely be put to good use in my career as a teacher.

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No regrets here

Having spent nearly 3 years in this school, and having one more semester to go before I graduate, I am actually having mixed feelings about graduating.

When I first entered university life, I thought that it was incredibly stressful and hectic. However, as time passes by, and as I gradually started to adapt and get used to it, I was enjoying myself more than actually studying. After all, it is my final few years studying as a student, unless i decide to peruse my education, and I wanted to enjoy studying whenever I can.

My education in NIE is indeed very fulfilling and it gears me up to be a teacher. As much as I would miss being a student, part of me cannot wait to start out my career as a teacher.

Come what may, the past 3 years in NIE has been nothing short of fun, satisfaction and joy.

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Best 2 years of my educational life....

When I studied at NIE, it was still at the old Bt Timah Campus. It is still the only institution offering teacher education, so there really isn't a choice for anyone wanting to be receive teacher education.

The Institution offers diploma through to Post-Graduate qualifications in the field of education. I had experienced going to the new campus in Jalan Bahar for courses, but my memories of NIE were fondly with the Bt Timah campus.

It was located right smack next to Botanical Gardens where I had spent many evenings running around the gardens as part of training running for the varsity athletics team. Adam Rd and Taman Serasi Food Centre were nearby. Many meals were had there.

It was by and large a lovely place to be. The buildings had their very own individual character. You could tell exactly where you were on campus simply by looking at the pillars of the building. They also had names that were more organic. The current campus had buildings that are numbered, with names like Science Block etc. The old campus had buildings named after famous people in the history of Singapore like Mannasseh Mayer, Oei Tiong Ham, Raffles etc.

While I have no doubt that the new campus has all the bells and whistles to afford teacher trainees with the best possible facilities money could buy, I had the benefit of studying in historic and beautiful surroundings.

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