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Adam Khoo Learning Centre specialises in English and Mathematics enrichment for students in Singapore.


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Some aspects are good and some are ineffective

I still remember the Adam Khoo workshop I had when I was in primary school, where they taught us mnemonic, academic and emotional skills. I found their skills relevant and useful for me, and I still use some of their mnemonic principles today when I study to great effect.

Other than the academic aspect, they also taught us how to manage stress and our emotions. I remember my instructor asking us to write a letter of love and forgiveness to our parents, which was something that was out of my comfort zone because I'm not expressive at home. Their emotional and psychological lessons were ineffective, in my opinion, because they were overly pressuring, narrow-based and theoretical. My instructor was also not someone who I would emotionally connect with; he was too demanding in his principles.

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If I can do it, so can you.

I totally believed in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). That is what Adam Khoo teached. I heard Adam Khoo live in an entrepreneur seminar and I was captivated by his presentation. He told the story of how NLP changed him and made him from a student that every teacher gave up to a top student on Dean's list.

Adam Khoo was smart enough to use himself as an example and he won't be shy to mention his own successes. He preached "if I can do it, so can you". I didn't believe it was so easy, Adam Khoo is definitely not your average intelligence person. So if he can do it, it does not mean everyone can do it. You must have a certain intelligence and most importantly a high self motivation and self discipline.

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Had little or no effect on me

I am one who take my education seriously. While there were moments when I was guilty of the occasional mischief, I care enough about my life not to screw up my education too badly. When my school told me that they had signed us up for the Adam Khoo motivation course, I didn't think that it'll be useful to me but went anyway since its compulsory for all 'o' level students in my school.

I must say that I found it to be an absolute waste of some $500+ of my (edusave) funds. While the course material did teach me some study skills that were, to a certain extend, useful, I generally found the course to have little or no impact on my life after the 1-2 weeks of its conclusion .

While some of my weeping friends went on stage to give their testimony towards the end of the course, it wasn't long before their new found enthusiasm for school wore off.

This is the kind of programme that will only work for a very short amount of time. For that amount of money, any student is better off going for a learning trip to loas or cambodia to understand how fortunate they are and how not to squander the opportunities given to them.

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It all boils down to self-motivation

Having been through this course when I was in secondary school, I’d say that while it does motivate psychologically, much intrinsic effort is needed to sustain the motivation for more than a few days, or at best, weeks, for most.

My instructor was Adam Khoo. He and the rest of the instructors were friendly, engaging, and there wasn’t a boring moment throughout those few days, long as they were.

Besides the core, yet somewhat secret tactic they used, we were taught other things to, like speed reading, strategies to improve memory, mind-mapping, and study tips, which were all splendid, which I emphasize again, highly dependable on the student’s own degree of motivation to carry those out.

My verdict? If it’s sponsored/subsidized, and you have money to spare, there’s no harm trying. Adam Khoo’s courses can get quite expensive, they help a bit, but to the extent of you breaking the bank to get your child into the course. Teachers, friends, and family do a good enough job, I’d say. Frankly, the 'motivation' only lasted a few days for myself, and I apparently it was the same for my peers now.

I just entered uni, and I'm more motivated than ever before. Not becaus eof any courses, but because I know motivation hs what I need to have in order to live a full life.

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(Updated: December 02, 2012)

Irrelevant and uninteresting

The one and only time I went through the Adam Khoo programme was in secondary school. Few hundred of dollars from my edusave was deducted just to attend a 3-day talk conducted by The Adam Khoo Learning Centre. Can you imagine that the non-Singaporean citizens have to pay the full amount in cash? The school claimed that it was an enriching programme to mentally prepare us for our o-levels. Well, was it worth it?

It was really exhausting to listen to the talk from morning to evening. I only remembered my back aching from sitting too much. I have to agree that some of the speakers are very entertaining and they try their very best to engage us. However, most of the time, I was dozing off. They taught us mindmaps and studying strategies that would help us in our studies. I actually tried doing mindmaps after the programme and it only came to a failure. Mindmaps indeed allow us to remember infomation more easily, but they did not point out that making 1 mindmap takes a long time and that it may not be suitable for all subjects.

Furthermore, I have no idea why they told us sad stories which induced many of my friends to cry. Some even vowed that after the programme they are going to work very hard and be on stage the following year when they get their results. Surprise, surprise, none of them went up. The Adam Khoo programme only change your mindset for that moment or maybe a few weeks at most, but after a few months, you revert back to your own self and you forget the 'vows' you made. The promise you made with your parents that you are going to work hard? The promise you made to yourself that you will follow the studying strategies? All these are just empty promises.

Therefore, it is not worth it at all to spend the money and time to attend the Adam Khoo programme. I know this really depends on your mindset, but this is not for everyone. The people who come out successful from these talks are just a insignificant minority of them.

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Really motivating seminars

I had the opportunity to attend a 5-day motivational course conducted by Adam Khoo and his partner, Ravin.

During these 5 days, my mind was opened up exactly how much potential we had and how little we were doing with it. their talks were fiery, powerful and motivational to the max! I realised and understood the power of negative influences and the power of positive thoughts and their innumerable benefits.

At the end was a standard "breakthough" exercise where we all were made to break our negative habits via breaking a small sheet of wood, which I suppose is done in many training courses.

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