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P-Way Travel Pte Ltd is a subsidiary company of the P-way group of companies and is also a Singapore Tourism Board licensed travel agency. It is located near to Little India MRT station and specializes in packages to Malaysia and Singapore. 

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(Updated: June 30, 2013)

P-way ?? NO WAY !! Terrible service !!

We bought the above 3 Deal vouchers at $145 each for a Bangkok 3D2N trip at 4 star Novotel Bangkok Platinum Hotel that includes return air ticket with transfer and breakfast.

This is our first time purchasing travel vouchers from While we were glad that we’ve acquired such a good deal, our nightmare with this agency P-way Travel begins:
Note: Vouchers was purchased on 7 Apr 13, bookings must be made by 15 Apr 13 and travel period by 30 Jun 13.
Our ordeal begins:

1. Unresponsiveness!! - After the voucher purchase on 7 Apr (Mon), we emailed them our particulars and preferred departure dates on the same day i.e. 7 Apr. We waited till 10 Apr (Wed) and there is no response from them. So I made a trip down on 10 Apr to make the redemption personally.

2. Unbelievable Surcharge!! – When I reached the travel agency, a young guy attended to my redemption. I was shocked to hear that we need to top up another $369 for the dates that we planned to travel (i.e. 26/4 – 28/4). Which means we have to pay a total of $514 for a 3D2N Bangkok trip on Tigerair?!?!?! This is way too much !! The normal price stated on the voucher is $300 and yet in the end we have to pay a price that is much higher than the normal price ?!?! Where is the savings then ?!?!? When I questioned the young chap on which are the dates (from Apr to Jun) that this so-called promotional fare of $145 applies? He told me NONE !! and the minimum surcharge that we still have to pay is $260 per pax for weekdays. So in the end, in order to utilize the voucher by Jun, we chose a travel period that falls on a weekday and pay the surcharge of $260 (the minimum). In conclusion, we have paid $405 for a 3D2N on 20/5 – 22/5.

PS: I did a check on TigerAir after the booking and realized that the airport taxes for the same period is much lesser than $150 which P-way is charging us.

3. Irresponsibility and Rude !! – After the redemption, we were told that we will receive our e-tickets and hotel vouchers via email 7 days prior to our travel dates. Note that we are flying on 20/5 (Mon) 6am. So when we did not receive any emails from P-way travel on 13/5, I gave them a call on very next day (14/5), a lady told me that they will email to me latest by 16/5 (Thurs). On 16/5 5pm, there is still no email from them, so I called again. This time, the same lady told me they are still waiting for the hotel voucher and will email to me by 17/5 (Fri) noon. When I started chiding them on the lateness, she cited some crap excuses and hung up the phone on me !! What kind of customer service is this ?!?! They did not fulfill what they have promised, not even a single word of apology and yet demonstrating this kind of rude attitude towards customer?!?!
Again, on 17/5 noon, there is no single email from them. So, knowing that they are closed on weekend and in order not to spoilt our holiday mood, I personally make a trip down to P-way (again) on 17/5 mid afternoon to collect all the documents.

4. Carelessness !! – Noted that our hotel room were booked via Agoda. We have redeemed a total of 3 vouchers and a room for 3 is required. However, on the Agoda booking form, it was stated as 2 as the maximum occupancy. Being a frequent user of Agoda, I started queried P-way on this and the lady assured us that she did cater for all the 3 of us (i.e. room with 1 extra bed and breakfast). However, when we checked into the hotel, we were told by the hotel receptionist that only a twin room was booked and we have to pay for the 3rd person accommodation and breakfast !! We were stuck at the receptionist for this entire “hooha” for nearly an hour when we could have started our shopping spree without going through this ordeal ! In the end, we have to make a call to P-way (using our own mobile roaming services) to clarify and give us an assurance that they will pay us back the cost of the 3rd person bed and breakfast after our return.

5. More Carelessness !! – Yes, this is not the end of our bad experience with them !! After our trip, I emailed to them on the procedure of claiming back the money, and at the same time, sending them the necessary documents such as invoice, receipts etc. They replied it would take 7-14 days to get the cheque ready for collection. Fine, I waited till the 10th day (6/6), sure enough, no email from them. I send them an email with subject “Pls respond immediately” on the status update, then they replied saying that it will be ready on 7/6 (Fri) 3pm. I told them I will be coming down on 12/6 to collect it personally.
So on a hot sunny afternoon (12/6), I made a trip to the agency (3rd time) again. To my shocking, I was told that the cheque is not ready !! When I questioned on the chain of email, they said they have sent to the wrong Alice ?!?!?!!? Pengzzzz!!
The lady even chided me that I should have call them before coming down to their office!! OMG !! Pengzzzz again !!
In the end, they gotten my bank details and bank in the cheque for me one week later.

In conclusion, this is the WORST Travel Agency I ever experienced and dealt with so far. It took 2 months to close the entire episode for just a 3D2N Bangkok trip and it has cost us so much inconvenience:

A) Unnecessary trips (total 3 trips) were made to P-way personally to redeem voucher, collect e-tickets, hotel vouchers and finally a wasted trip to collect the refund. We could avoid all these if P-way agency can be more responsive and deliver their service promptly.
B) Roaming charges (call made from Bangkok) were incurred due to their carelessness
C) Unhappiness and confusion on our first day of holiday at the hotel reception


Owner's Reply:

We apologize for the inconvenience caused during your booking process with us. We experienced overwhelmed response from packages sold with group buying site eg, Groupon. In that event all our promotional allotments for flights and hotels are sold out and we ve to turn down most our customers reservation. We ve upgraded your room to executive room since your superior room was not available for confirmation. Our suppliers was informed of triple sharing but upon checking there was a misunderstanding on the reservation which was addressed immediately by giving you a confirmation on giving you a refund if customer is required to pay any additional amount to the hotel directly.

(P.S) Please take note recently there was an incident reported on the yahoo singapore that group buying sites are delaying the customer payment to merchants and that particular grouping buying site was sued by the villas in indonesia for not honouring the conditions laid by villas .. This is what is happening to smaller travel agencies and not reported....

Thank you very much for choosing P-Way Travel Pte Ltd.

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Worst & Most inefficient travel agent !!!!!

Happily booked my travel package at start of Apr. Emailed them with the attached deals voucher but no reply. I called to check if they receive my email. They took down my name and contact no. & say will call me back. Of course, no calls at all. A few days later I finally received an email from them! They gave me the invoice and I was told that after transferring them the money I shall send them an email. After sending the email no one reply again.

After abt one week or more I decide to call them. I was told that the previous travel consultant handling my things was no longer working there already. Totally shocked that there wasn't proper handover! The manager told me that she will check and revert back to me. She said will reply my email by 2pm which she did not. So abt 3 plus i called again and she promised she will reply by the end of the day. And guess what, no replies at all. Being a manager I was wondering how can she do that. If you are really so busy that you dont have time to reply at least send an email to let me know. I find it really ridiculous.

In the end i gave up. Just hoped that they will send me an email with the air tickets & hotel vouchers 7 days before the flight. In the end as expected, no email. So again, I called again.

The manager like to say I will call you again. Say for the sake of saying. I really cannot tolerate all the nonsense anymore. 2 months for them to book and they couldn't book it! Can you believe it. The excuse was because they are short handed. If there are really so much work to do, just stay and finish your work. Very irresponsible. What's more they are super rude on the phone!

5 days before my flight I ask for a refund. The manager said ok and said that will send me an email the next day. No emails. I have wasted my annual leave because my trip was canceled. Wanted to book the flights myself but so last min all the flights are so ex. Very disappointed that my holiday is gone. Sometimes i really wonder if the company really exists. No emails/updates every time. They cant wait to put down ur phone when you call.

Conclusion is this company really cannot make it.

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(Updated: June 20, 2013)

P-Way??? The worst travel agency EVER!

Dealing with P-Way and their staff has been the most frustrating and unpleasant experience ever. I bought a voucher on at the end of March 2013 to Danang for 2 pax, having the same idea as all the users here who thought it was a good deal.

After sending all my details and the voucher over to the agency as stated in the redemption voucher, I did not receive a reply/call/acknowledgement email from the company. I took the initiative to make a call, and the disinterested staff told me to wait for 3-5 working days. After more than 5 working days, there was still no response from P-Way, hence I called them again. I was directed to send the email to a different address this time round. And guess what? The staff replied me, but giving me the dates to BKK instead of Danang. I was asked to re-send the details and voucher AGAIN, as patient as I can ever be. I told the staff to retrieve my previous email and to double check before sending me anything other confirmation.

Unfortunately, they took almost a month to confirm my travel dates and to send me the tour voucher despite having made full payment. I gave them a call again for the millionth time and the business development manager remarked "I think you have to understand from a tour agency's point that sometimes we are not able to confirm the dates and accommodation because we have to liase with the hotels and airlines" I did not realise that during my many years of travelling experience that I would need to wait a month to confirm a holiday package. If I had gone down directly to redeem my voucher personally (which was another option on the voucher), there would probably be mushrooms growing on top of my head now if they took one month to do so.

As I was on the verge of barging into their office, they sent me the tour voucher stating the confirmed travel dates, estimated time of arrival/departure and hotel accommodation. The exact same information was stated on the invoice when I requested for additional baggage allowance.

Just as I thought that was the end of it all, here comes the BOMB! I am scheduled to travel on 16 May, and 2 days before my travel date, the same business manager called and ask if I know that there is a transition flight included. I told her no, because there was only 1 airline stated in the tour voucher sent to me...and it states that I am supposed to arrive at 8am at Danang.

P-Way:"Oh, but there is no direct flight to Danang, you have to transit at Ho Chi Minh"
Me:" Ok, so what is the flight duration then?"
P-Way: "You will reach Ho Chi Minh at 8am, then your transit flight is at 4pm. You will reach Danang at 5pm plus. You just have to spend a few hours at the airport."
Me: "What?? So why wasn't it stated in the confirmation that you sent to me??"
P-Way: "My other colleague handled it, so I do not know what was being communicated to you. So can you let me know if you want me to proceed or do a refund for you"

So apparently now, I am supposed to take responsibility for P-Way's mistakes and accept the timing offered. She got impatient before I even raised my voice and blamed me for just assuming the details on the tour voucher. I explained to her that I am unhappy because of the blunder made by them and them not offering any other suggestions besides a refund (the easy way out). If there was a transition flight stated clearly on my confirmation letter, why would I bother to kick up a big fuss now??? Sad to say, she failed to understand my perspective and simply shut me off. When my bf attempted to call her again to clarify, Ms Business Development Manager says this "I am not having this confrontation with you." and there she goes, hung up on him (A CUSTOMER)

And so, there goes the adventure. So P-Way, if you are planning to reply to this review with some politically correct response, you can forget about doing so. I'd rather that you save the effort to type and spend more time on learning how to manage and handle your customers. And for goodness sake, please take down the "Commitment" to your clients stated on your website if you are unable to fulfill it.

And to Ms Business Development Manager, good luck to you and I hope one day you get to feel how your clients feel when you have the same experience when you are planning for a holiday.


Owner's Reply:

Hi We apologize for the inconvenience caused during your booking process with us. Thank you very much for your feedback. When you bought the vouchers from we ve stated on the deal the flights are by Tiger & Jetstar as there is no direct flight to Danang . You misunderstood on the flights and demanded an direct flight to Danang whereby your deal voucher says it is an transit flight.

On your end you didnt clarify with us on your assumption and assume we will be forwarding you the tickets with a direct flight. I called you to reconfirm the timing but you didnt wish to hear me out and proceed to insist on getting a direct flight which was not promised . Here is the email you ve sent to us demanding the direct flight when there is no budget flight going directly. I am not able to accept any of your suggestions and there are only 2 ways out. 1) to book me another direct flight to Danang, 2 way on the stipulated dated 2) to compensate me with a day extension, costs to be borne by P-WAY If you are unable to deal with this matter professionally, kindly direct me to a higher authority. I expect a reply by today.

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P-Way Travel Pte Ltd
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(Updated: May 07, 2013)

Totally disgusting Service!

This agency's service and attitude is poor beyond words.

I bought 3 groupon vouchers to Taipei and the agency responsible for the tour was PWAY. As I planned to go for the tour in the March 2013 school holidays with my family, I anticipated that air tickets and hotel booking would be competitive. Hence, I placed my bookings with full payment to PWAY on 24 DEC 12 and was assured by them that I will get my tickets 1 week before departure scheduled on 20 Mar.

However, when the time come, they kept delaying, giving reasons such as "hotel rooms are full and they are trying to get a room for us...". I had to personally go to the shop to find out the details and situation but only to be confronted by the manager who accused me of being "rude and impatient". Words such as "customers are not always correct" came out from them which totally turned me off.

One day prior to departure, I had to call them to check if they had alternatives for me. In the end, I had to cancel my trip that was planned 3 months ahead all attributed to the poor services of PWAY agency. I really don't understand what are the perks to book and pay in full when they cannot carry out such a simple task.

In my experience with P-Way Travel Pte Ltd, professionalism and service standards were elements that were, in my opinion, severely lacking, or even none to begin with. This experience has also put a very bad taste in my mouth and I am very certain that this is an agency I will never return to for my future travels.


Owner's reply: We value you feedback and will continue in improving our customer service. Thank you very much for your feedback.

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(Updated: May 01, 2013)

worst service to the max

Got to know P-way travel from, I thought was a good deal for SGD475 - 4D3N BKK holiday with stay at Novotel Bangkok Platinum (4-star hotel). Sent my enquiry and booking preference to them via email on the 09 April, they were quite prompt getting back to me. I confirmed the booking, made the payment (via interbank – immediate transfer) and was told they will proceed with the reservation on the same day (10 April 2013). They assured I will receive my ticket and hotel voucher 3-7days before my departure date (11 May 2013).

25 April I received a call from them saying the colleague who handled my booking has left and no one follows up until today. Due to their delay, the hotel was fully booked and they can no longer accommodate my booking. There were other hotel options given, but it’s either too far from BKK fashion center or a downgrade to below 4-star hotel. Finally decided to get refund on the same day as I have already lost my confidence in them handling my booking. Their business development manager called me on 26 April 2013, she was so rude, impatient and even hung up my call! I will never ever travel with them nor recommend their service. Thumbs-down!


Owners reply: Hi we apologize for the inconvenience caused during your booking process with us. Our company do ve a refund policy where customers can get their full amount back in the event service was not rendered in a satisfactory manner. Thank you very much for choosing P-Way Travel Pte Ltd

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(Updated: April 27, 2013)

Worst ever

I got to know about P-Way Travel through Groupon. My friend and I bought a travel deal to groupon because it was only $98 inclusive of air tickets, hotel stay and breakfast. We thought it was a really good deal and so did 400 other people.

We wanted to travel in 90 days time and we sent in our booking email as per the instructions in Groupon. However, there was no reply from them after two weeks. Becoming anxious, we called them up and was told to send the email to another email address that was different from the one stated in Groupon. We did so at once, but there was still no reply. Subsequently my friend and I both called them up several times raising the issue and everytime we called they told us that they would look into it and get back to us. But they never did. Also the customer service officer was really rude to us and told us that it was due to overwhelming response that they could not reply on time.

Eventually, we decided to just get a refund and it took two emails to Groupon and many many calls to P-Way Travel to chase them to get them to refund us. Finally after 2.5 months, we got our refund. A really bad experience. I will never travel with them after this experience.


Owner's Reply: Hi We are sorry that you had a negative experience with us during the year-end peak season holiday period . We value you feedback and will continue in improving our customer service. Thank you very much for your feedback.

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