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Golden Mile Tower #01-52B 6001 Beach Road Singapore 199589
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Listing created by Damien on August 07, 2012    

Departure Point: Golden Mile Tower

A massive company which services all the popular destinations and even the not so popular ones like Langkawi, Club Med Cherating Beach and Malacca.

Popular Packages - Prices are Round Trip and in SGD

Genting $65, $85 (Weekend)

Redang Island $100, $110 (Weekend)

Tioman Island $45, $60 (Weekend)

Kuantan $80, $90 (Weekend)


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Konsortium has the honour of having a review title dedicated to it in capitals + the lowest rating I have ever given. HORRIBLE. I cannot even begin to express my frustration and disappointment at one of Singapore's most popular travel companies. One would think that given the number of people that have booked through them, they would have achieved a certain level of professionalism and quality control, but no.

I took their coach service to Melaka and back. The bus was old, had a stale smell of cigarette smoke that lingered, and dirty at parts. What topped my horrible experience all off was that the driver smoked in the bus. I was sitting at the front so you could probably imagine how unbearable the 5-hour plus long journey was. I had to cover my nose with my shirt and I was just so close to asking if the driver could stop smoking. On the return trip, the bus driver also took his own sweet time driving, gave us inaccurate rest stop allotted times, and wonderfully extended the journey back by close to 2 hours.

I was so frustrated with them that I actually wrote an email to them complaining about their lousy service but guess what? They didn't even bother to reply. Horrible, lousy, unprofessional. Once bitten, twice shy. Never ever dealing with them again.

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There was once I missed the flight back from KL and had to rush to the bus terminal at KL to take the express bus back to Singapore. It was very last minute and I asked around but most of the buses were full.

Luckily for me, Konsortium got a bus that can still take a few more passengers. I quickly grabbed the ticket and boarded the bus. Normally, when I travelled by bus, I would choose companies like Transtar or Grassland.

When I boarded the bus, I knew I would be in for a rough journey because the bus was quite old and it felt dirty also. The front seats were all taken so I had to take the last row. I noticed just behind the last row seat was where the bus driver stored their cleaning equipment like broom and dustpan. I didn't think much of that, but after the bus started moving, I noticed a cockroach coming our from behind. It was lucky that I was not afraid of cockraoch, if it was my sister-in-law, she would have screamed and the whole bus would have been woken.

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(Updated: January 12, 2013)

Comfortable enough ride to KL and other parts of Malaysia

For Singaporeans making the trip into Malaysia and more so KL, we are spoilt for choice. However, I must say that most of the times I choose the bus ride to KL I end up taking Konsortium. Reason being I find that their buses while not the newest are still clean and rather comfy.

They also play really cheesy and old movies that are hilarious. It is a nice respite on the way there after dozing in and out of sleep during the ride up to our neighbour Malaysia. Service at the ticket point is also quick and efficient and I always get a bottle of water. haha. Good value for money service!

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