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Millenia Tower #27-00 One Temasek Avenue Singapore 039192
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Listing created by wangkh on January 12, 2013    

With over 40 stations all over Singapore, SPC is another company providing petrol stations and certain stations come with manual car wash and its own brand of convenience stores Choices.


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No service

SPC is the very first station I went to as I was given their vouchers when I first for my car. With the voucher, I went about getting the spc&u card as well as the everyday card so that I can get the maximum discount possible.

Well initially I do feel that SPC seems to be a petrol company with inferior petrol quality, although eventually I still felt it did not make much of a difference after I religiously tracked and compared different type of fuel. Somehow the whole image of the station does not give it an exciting feel. They do not have a sparkling bright lights to brighten up the place. The toilets are run down and always wet cause of the rubber lining that they used for the surface. I do wonder if it was from the time after they took over BP. This simply created a toilet that was just old and dirty.

However, they do have the regular promotions off their car wash with a certain amount of purchases of fuel from them.

On top of that service seems to be lacking as I always top up fuel myself. There never seem to be any staff available to help me.

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Not much confidence

When I first started driving, I used the petrol from SPC. I being Singaporean and loyal to my country, and knowing the S in SPC actually stands for Singapore.

But practicality overcomes loyalty. I realised that the petrol from SPC does not produce enough power for my car especially when I was overtaking. Since then, I had tried the other petrol companies petrol. Sad to say, every company was able to perform better than SPC.

Recently I just realised they had changed their petrol name to "Levo", when I first saw the name, I just thought of "Lenovo". Not sure whether this change of name comes with a change in performance, but I have not much confidence in the company already.

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