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Build-a-Bear Workshop is a teddy bear themed retail store from USA. Customers full control over their bear from softness, to size, to costumes.

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11am - 10pm
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Designer babies, in bear form

Build-a-bear is a place where you see your furry friend come to life – not literally of course. You get to start from scratch and customize the bear to your liking, from the accessories to the skin. It’s like designer babies, but in bear form.

The staff at build-a-bear are extremely friendly, and exceptionally good with kids! They know how to share the excitement of building a bear with children, and their enthusiastic energy is very contagious. The whole atmosphere in build-a-bear workshop is so cheerful and upbeat, it’s hard not to fall in love with the whole concept. You can choose the type of bear, the fatness, and you can even add a voice message in the bear to be played. At the end of the whole process, your bear will also be presented with a birth certificate.

One thing that’s stopping me from getting one of those stuffed bears is the hefty price tag. $50 for a bear of that size seems a little too expensive.

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Really Expensive

I remember walking into the store, thinking I could build a mini teddy bear from scratch for about $20. When I saw the many seemingly complicated gadgets of which you could build the teddy bear step by step, I was simply taken by awe. The price took me by surprise too - $60-$80 for a pretty or well clothed/decorated bear. You can choose the type of cotton you want to stuff your bear with, and even what voice message you want to be recorded with the bear.

It would be a great gift however, I believe anyone would be delighted to receive a teddy bear made from scratch and customised for him/her by the giver; it really gives a very individualised unique touch to it. It might not be too practical, though. I like going into the store for window shopping, however. Seeing all the fluffy cotton to stuff the bear in a huge machine; and all the various decorations really do help to brighten up my mood.

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I once went to Build-A-Bear with a friend as he wanted to buy a present for his girlfriend. The least I can say is I'm glad that I wasn't the one who was purchasing the bear.

While selecting the outer "skin" of the bear and stuffing the bear was cute and personal, the staff made it a point to treat every customer like a child - asking my 16-year-old male friend to "bathe" the bear under a jet of air and comb its fur. When he declined, the staff member did in on his behalf just for show. After that, he had to take the "oath" for the bear to ensure he would remain friends with whoever the bear was for, or something along those lines - my friend requested to just skip the whole ceremony and just let him purchase the bear as he was in a hurry. However, the staff member refused, stating that it was only after he completed the "ceremony" that he could purchase the bear. Needless to say, he was frustrated.

After going through the whole ceremony, the small bear my friend purchased came down to a grand total of more than $50. No extra accessories were added and it already cost that much. I was, honestly, a little shocked; yet, at the same time, I was somehow unsurprised.

I think build-a-bear workshop is a good place for loaded parents to bring their children to make expensive bears but besides that, I wouldn't suggest going there to buy a personalised gift for that special someone - you're better off getting a bear somewhere else and attaching a personal handwritten note to it.

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Plaza Singapura
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I think Build-A-Bear revolves around a really cool concept of being able to build your own bear from scratch. It's fun and I like all the different customisation options that are available. You can go for a no-frills simple plain bear or doll your bear up to become the coolest rocker ever on Bear Earth.

The bears themselves come unstuffed, so you can choose how fat or skinny your bear is, which the staff will stuff in this giant stuffing machine. I think you can even input a voice into your bear, but I find it weird so I usually shun that. Now on to the clothes! There are so many choices that it's quite unbelievable. I love that they continually revamp their products, so each time I pay them I visit, I'm sure to find a new range of clothes on sale that I can buy.

Although the clothes and accessories are not cheap, I think it's worth it. It's hard to find bear clothes anywhere else, and the clothings are really very cute. That being said, it is also not something that I will buy regularly, so a once in a while splurge is fine by me.

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Clothes and Customisation
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Plaza Singapura
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Ah, Build-a-Bear, happiness that comes in a form of an adorable stuffed animal made with love, a child's imagination as well as a parent's wallet. Practicality aside, Build-a-Bear does seem like the re-creation of a feel-good Pixar Toy Story movie, where fluffy stuffed animals are breathed new life in the form of cotton stuffing and fancy new clothes. However, I feel that the entire experience may be slightly underwhelming for the shyer kids and definitely not worth the money.

I myself, did go through this rite of passage of building a stuffed toy, where I 'built' a stuffed white tiger as a birthday gift from my parents. I was a painfully shy kid (and still am) so while I was very excited to build my own toy, I remember not enjoying much of the process and found it somewhat boring with the putting in of the cotton stuffing and heart into my tiger. The selection of clothes were also quite limited in my opinion, where the range of 'girly' clothing were much more than for the 'boy' animals. I had decided my white tiger was going to be a boy, so I was quite disappointed with the range of clothing that were displayed in the store.

Frankly, while the service provided was excellent, some children may find the entire experience not as magical as it seemed when looking on from the outside. As with children, toys come and go, and even with all the fun of building their own toy, many kids would probably forget about their new novelty within a few months or weeks. This ultimately leaves the poor parents having to pay through their noses for a stuffed animal that was more hype than actual heart.

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Cute customizable bears at a $teep price

This review is solely based on what I felt about the store. I did not purchase any bears! This store brings the whole "girls/kids and teddy bear" craze up a notch. While their competitors are selling ready made bears with fixed outfits and grosgrain ribbons, what they offer here is the element of customization that you cannot find elsewhere. You choose the "outer skin", you add the voices (optional) then fill the cotton in YOURSELF. You get to be a part of the teddy bear making process which I guess makes you feel a more special bond with the bear.

The area that made me went gaga was the outfit area. There were cute outfits for both male and female bears!!! Outfits of ANY kind. Complete with accessories and shoes and whatnot. All the knick knacks that you can find at a fashion store. The only downside is the price, which can be really hefty as the outfits are NOT cheap (but since you are already there, I am sure you won't be able to resist those outfits) and the bear itself already costs money. A bear can easily >$100 or more!!!! For those who do not mind shelling out the cash for the teddy bear, it is a good place to go to!

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Awesome experience!

I was there today with two of my friends. One of my friends wanted to get a present for a friend of hers so we went to Build A Bear for a look. She fell in love with the Monkey stuffed toy and decided to get one. Since it was a graduation gift, she also purchased the graduation clothing.

The experience is really one that you should try. My friend chose the 'monkey' skin which was about $35 and then proceeded on to the next station. You could put a 10 second custom message in the stuffed animal for the person you would be giving it to. My friend recorded a special message using the recorder provided (This is an add on!). Next station was to stuff the 'skin', followed by making a wish on the heart and so on. It was a little cheesy and too kiddy for us so I will leave it to you to experience it yourself. :P

After that, you could shower and brush your stuffed friend before dressing him/her up. The Sales person was really nice and asked if my friend wants to get a pair of boxers for the monkey. The pieces of clothing range from underwear to jackets and costumes. Once that is done, we headed on to the computer section where you would make a unique birth certificate for your furry friend. It was memorable for it was something we hardly see these days. Stuffed toys these days have little customisation available so Build A Bear makes up for it.

Although the cost came up to be close to $100, I guess it was worth it for the end result is a special, unique one-of-a-kind present. I recalled that I had done a similar one before many years ago when I was still in primary school, it was an unforgettable experience! You could name your stuffed animal, set it's birth date and at the end of it, you get to keep a special birth certificate as well!

For parents looking for a unique gift can consider Build A Bear but be warned! be prepared to spend at least $50 or more!

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Best Part:
The whole process of creating the stuffed animal
Branch Location:
Vivo City (Harbour Front)
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Birthday party venue

My daughter's friend threw a birthday party at this shop and our whole family went. My daughter being an invited guest got a bear for free. But my sons not being on the guest list needed to pay to get a bear. Children being children, my sons asked me to get them a bear also because their sister would be getting one.

The spending did not stop there. The free bear from the party did not come with any accessories so we need to pay for all the accessories. The bears came with clothes, shoes and even bags.All in all, I spent quite a lot going to that party. I bought two bears, three sets of clothing and three carriers for the bear.

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(Updated: March 22, 2013)

A bear coming to life

My daughter's godma insisted on buying her a bear from Build-a Bear Workshop. Build-a Bear Workshop made building her bear like a life giving process. She watched it wonderment as the bear was filled with fluff from a machine which constantly tossed the cotton to prevent it from clumping together. That was followed by selecting a heart which would be placed inside the bear. She was then allowed to name the bear and a birth certificate was printed.

If she was a little older, she would have enjoyed the whole process. As it was, her favorite part of the bear was the brand tag, although she is slowly growing to like the bear as she grows up.

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